Austrian Brief is Childs Play for Fonestarz

Mobile entertainment company FoneStarz Media has been chosen to host and manage a content portal aimed at young customers of 3 in Austria. The new project, called 3Funtastic Club, will provide a full range of safe and targeted downloadable content, from games to personalisation products. FoneStarz and its retailing and publishing platform Daius allows the products and messaging on the Kids portal to be tightly managed by the content team at its UK HQ. Fonestarz has been managing a significant part of 3s content portal since earlier this year.
3 Austria is aiming to get 25,000 regular users of the Kids portal and will be handing out 5 a month pocket money to under 13s to stimulate use of the content, which will include games, themes and other content from a number of headline brands like Disney. The pocket money can be spent on any of the content in the portal, which will be at a discount to the content in the main portal.
The aim is to drive safe content usage in the young pre-pay market on the network, says H3G Austria CEO, Berthold Thoma. External mobile Internet sites will be blocked for these users, giving parents a safe option and allowing the youngsters to begin to use content services in a regulated environment.
FoneStarz hosts, manages and publishes multiple content formats for over 2,800 different handset types and currently licenses and aggregates content from more than 130 partners worldwide.