Automated home devices to draw in $75bn by 2025

Amazon EchoAutomated home devices, such as smart thermostats and smart speakers, are expected to be worth $75bn to the industry by 2025, according to GlobalData.

Smart thermostats are becoming more popular among consumers who want control their energy consumption, while smart speakers have been immensely popular since debuting a few years ago.

Both Amazon and Google have heavily in the automated home device market. Alongside its Echo range, Amazon spent $1bn on smart doorbell firm ring. Meanwhile, Google has the Nest brand of smart home products.

“The advent of smart speakers has had a significant impact across the automated home, as they have enabled simple, voice-activated control of all types of smart devices and, thanks to their relatively low price point, offered an ideal entry point for customers that are curious about home automation,” said Ed Thomas, principal analyst for GlobalData’s technology thematic research team. “Their success has also turned the home into another front in the ongoing war between the giants of the technology industry, including Amazon, Google, Apple, Alibaba, and Samsung.

“Samsung is falling behind in this theme – its smart speaker has yet to hit shelves despite being announced in 2018 and the company lacks a unified approach to the automated home of the kind that Google now has following its decision to embrace Nest as its automated home brand. Specialist automated home device vendors, such as Ecobee, will increasingly struggle to compete with the tech giants and will either be acquired or forced out of business.”