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Avanquest Unveils SendPhotos

David Murphy

Avanquest Software, which develops and publishes business and consumer software for the PC market, has announced the beta launch of SendPhotos, an interactive photo-sharing solution. According to Avanquest, SendPhotos leverages the convergence of mobile phone, PC and Web 2.0 technologies to enable friends and family to instantly and securely share and exchange favourite photos and digital images virtually at anytime or anywhere for free over the web, from their PC or their mobile device.
Sendphotos membership includes a free mobile phone client, a free PC client and free online access, with 1GB of online storage space throughout the duration of the beta phase.
SendPhotos provides certified support for more than 140 mobile phones from leading manufacturers including the T-Mobile G-1, the iPhone 3G, and Blackberrys Bold and Pearl handsets. The solution provides remote printing capabilities, and the ability to embed a photo album created in SendPhotos to a website or blog.
 The SendPhotos digital imaging ecosystem comprises SendPhotos Mobile, SendPhotos PC and SendPhotos Web. The SendPhotos mobile client, installed on the handset, automates the uploading of snapshots to the portal for backup and continuous update of personal photo pages. A Set-up Wizard walks users through the creation of their SendPhotos web login and general application settings. The iPhone version of SendPhotos includes a photo editor which offers cropping, colour and contrast editing, as well as the ability to add special effects and text to photos.
SendPhotos PC enables users to organise, edit and share photos via their PC. The PC software enables easy upload, download and synchronising of photos and image albums at, complete with cropping, redeye reduction and colour and contrast correction tools for use before sharing images. Viewing options make snapshots available to a select few or the entire world, while authorised friends and family can download high-definition images in their original size and instantly comment or share back their own images, contributing to one comprehensive online photo exchange or album from the same event or special occasion. SendPhotos also allows photos to be optimised for rapid download so that users without broadband internet access can obtain the images quickly.
SendPhotos Web offers a personal and private online cache for uploading, archiving, synchronisation and sharing of digital images, only allows access to user-authorised family, friends and associates without third-party publicity or search-engine pickup and dissemination across the Internet. A drag-and-drop, animated interface facilitates the easy transfer of stored photos to a variety of external photo sharing and social networking sites, including Picasa, MySpace and many others.
The SendPhotos digital imaging ecosystem lets users on-the-go share their lives and experiences with those closest to them from virtually anywhere around the globe by making images available for viewing just moments after theyve been taken and uploaded from a mobile device, says David Wright, President of Avanquests Product Design Group. The SendPhotos PC interface enables users to organise images into a specified online album for later viewing and sharing, while the solutions advanced synchronisation capabilities automatically ensure that the latest images are safely stored and archived online.
SendPhotos is available at launch in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German editions.