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Average Brit has 27 Apps Installed, Uses Just Six Daily

Alex Spencer

The average UK adult has 27 apps installed on their phone, but only uses six each day.

That's according to a Publicis Media study, which also found that each person downloads two apps per month on average – but 20 per cent are deleted after just one use.

31 per cent have already deleted the last app they downloaded, 26 per cent of people said they have deleted on the same day they are downloaded. The most frequent reasons given were that the app wasn’t relevant, was no longer needed or did not help the user.

Deleting apps is a slightly less common behaviour among over-55s, 18 per cent of whom said they have never deleted an app, compared to nine per cent for 18-34s.

“Apps have only been around for a relatively short time but they have absolutely transformed the way we live our lives, and it’s staggering to think how many the average person will download in their lifetime,” said Scott Curtis, head of Publicis’ UK mobile team. “However, our research has also highlighted that many don’t stand the test of time, with a quarter of apps deleted on the day of download. Any brand or company looking to develop an app must understand that launching it is only the beginning of the journey.”