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Awards Preview - CRM/Enterprise Messaging Campaign

Alex Spencer

With the 2012 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards Ceremony less than three weeks away, we're continuing to shine a spotlight on the shortlisted entries, one category at a time. Today, we're looking at the Most Effective Mobile CRM/Enterprise Messaging Campaign.

ApertoMove – AppRadar

Aperto Move created AppRadar as a tool to help companies understand about how users react to their apps. Users are invited to rate the app they are currently using, combined with the usage of a tracking pixel – this anonymous data is then collated, and evaluated by market research firm Mindline. 

AppRadar is integrated into a variety of apps and, according to Aperto, could help improve the user experience for 90 per cent of all apps.

British Gas/IMImobile – British Gas Appointment Reminder Service

The Appointment Reminder Service was created to deal with the high number of requests for basic information received by British Gas' call centres – seven per cent of all inbound calls. The service sends the customer a personalised voice message or SMS reminder, at various points in the days leading up to an appointment, with an option to reschedule.

Following the introduction of this service, the number of appointment-related calls has fallen by 230,000 per annum, equivalent to £690,000, as well as improving customer satisfaction and brand perception.

Virgin Atlantic/OpenMarket – Virgin Atlantic SMS Flight Alert Service

Virgin Atlantic wanted to improve the speed and flow of passenger information regarding flight delays, cancellations, and schedule changes. It teamed with OpenMarket to build a system that could do this, utilising SMS.

The Flight Alert Service has sent out 37,000 messages relating to disruption of flights, which has help improve its customer reputation, as well as 82,000 messages regarding schedule changes. As airlines can be fined €600 by the EU for each passenger uninformed about changes to flight schedules, Virgin has saved a potential €50m.


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