Awards Preview – Most Effective Advertising Network

Last week, we announced the shortlist for our 2015 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards. With the ceremony taking place on 26 November in London, were taking advantage of the time between now and then to put the spotlight on the finalists in each of our 32 categories. Today, well kick off by looking at the nominees for the Most Effective Advertising Network.

Airpush Performance Creative Initiative
With over 150,000 apps and some of the worlds leading advertisers relying on it to deliver high performance results, Airpush makes use of exceptional targeting technology and ad formats to achieve great effectiveness.

The companys new Performance Creative Initiative is the result of years of innovation and experience within the mobile space, and gives mobile advertisers access to custom design, media buying and real-time campaign optimisation services, increasing performance by 300 per cent or more while reducing costs.

Byyd have created one of the most advanced mobile media buying platforms on the market, making use of cutting-edge programmatic technology to enable advertisers to connect with precisely targeted mobile audiences.

Byyd offers both software-as-a-service and managed models, enabling brands and marketers to fine tune the level of hands-on control they have to match their expertise, while still receiving the same high level of precision and efficiency.

BuzzCity serves over 50 key markets with global hubs in India, South Africa, Indonesia, the UK and beyond, offering a leading mobile ad network to brand owners and agencies and providing unprecedented reach for its clients.

Founded in Singapore in 1999, BuzzCity has placed a focus on combating ad fraud this year, with an average of just two per cent of all clicks on the BuzzCity Ad Network coming from invalid sources, while growth in desktop markets has meant that the companys cross-channel capabilities are stronger than ever.

Googles year has revolved around growing its already impressive reach and creating game-changing innovations for advertisers, including its universal app campaigns, Play Store ads and tools for in-store conversions.

Googles search ads now boast access to over 100bn mobile searches a month globally, while mGDN display ads on mobile websites can reach over 90 per cent of internet users. Despite its size, Google managed to record an impressive 11 per cent increase in year-on-year mobile ad revenues, showing there is still room to grow.

Leadbolt Direct Deals Marketplace
Leadbolts innovative marketplace is a fully-transparent mobile ad exchange where app developers and advertisers can connect with each other directly in order to conduct the business of buying and selling mobile media.

Rather than a traditional blind network, the marketplace enables developers to select advertisers with more care, ensuring brand safety for their apps and forging a closer relationship between advertiser and publisher. The marketplace has seen excellent engagement and CPM results while also earning high revenues for its developers.

You can see the full list of finalists in all categories here. To book your place at the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards Ceremony, click here.

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