Awards Preview – Most Effective Advertising Technology Platform

Effective_Mobile_Marketing_Awards-5.jpgLast week, we announced the shortlist for our 2015 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards. With the ceremony taking place on 26 November in London, were taking advantage of the time between now and then to put the spotlight on the finalists in each of our 32 categories. Today, well be taking a look at the nominees for the Most Effective Advertising Technology Platform.

51 Degrees Device Detection Solution
Device detection services are critical to publishers wishing to generate the maximum possible revenue from advertising on their websites, and 51 Degrees solution enables websites to generate increased click-through and place advertising more effectively on the page for mobile devices by delivering optimised ads in real time.

51 Degrees software has been adopted by companies including Unilever, eBay, IBM and Microsoft, and is one of the fastest and most accurate products in the marketplace, providing publishers with data not just on device type but specific model, size of screen, browser and OS.

BlisMedia has built a platform that aims to connect the physical and digital worlds, combining online content and device location data to assess the context a user is in, then using that information to provide brands with a relevancy score that can be used to inform bidding on ad impressions.

Combined with location-based tracking and demographic data, BlisMedia helps marketers understand how people react to ad placement and other factors, optimising media buys and other campaign expenditures while providing a RTB platform capable of serving ads to highly defined global audiences.

Byyds efforts to be the most effective mobile display solution in the industry have led it to delivering Silhouette, a complete end-to-end solution that assesses briefs and creates a bespoke media plan utilising the most relevant targeting tools for individual campaigns.

Byyd has partnered with ODR to develop a new cookie-less approach to consumer measurement and tracking that gives the platform an advantage in the age of mobile and in-app advertising, and has enabled the firm to acquire a wealth of research data on consumers that can inform marketing decisions.

Criteo Mobile Performance Marketing for House of Fraser
Criteo has worked with House of Fraser since 2010, and has been able to transform the retailers cross-channel approach over the past five years using its mobile performance marketing engine. Their work has combined a complete site redesign with mobile banner retargeting campaigns that extended the great shopping experience of the brands mobile site to dynamic mobile display ads.

Criteos Real Time User Sync has allowed them to gain full access to iOS inventory on RTB platforms, enabling Criteo to identify House of Fraser users and bid at a user level, without the use of third party pixels, expanding reach to this high value audience.

Fiksus Mobile Audience Platform is an industry-leading tech platform that combines a massive, proprietary dataset with powerful segmentation tools to create, refresh and reach precise audiences across their journey to purchase. Its designed to help marketers drive awareness, user acquisition and re-engagement.

The platform processes information from multiple sources including its own massive collection of mobile-native data and clients first-party data, continually refreshing audiences and using smart segmentation to enable brands to reach their target users at scale.

Leadbolt Direct Deals Marketplace
Leadbolts innovative marketplace is a fully-transparent mobile ad exchange where app developers and advertisers can connect with each other directly in order to conduct the business of buying and selling mobile media.

Rather than a traditional blind network, the marketplace enables developers to select advertisers with more care, ensuring brand safety for their apps and forging a closer relationship between advertiser and publisher. The marketplace has seen excellent engagement and CPM results while also earning high revenues for its developers.

LoopMe have put their energy into creating an advertising technology platform that supports all mobile video advertising formats at massive scale, giving advertisers more reach and scale and bringing together ad-tech data with data from advertisers, publishers and more to provide marketers with powerful audience tools covering over 500m unique users worldwide.

The platforms artificial intelligence engine aggregates hundreds of thousands of mobile publishers, directly and via exchanges, to determine the maximum impact for ads in real-time as it serves them to over 1.25bn consumers.

Luxia Guest Engagement Platform
Luxia developed and deployed its global, cloud-based tech platform to provide the hotel industry with new revenues against cap-ex investments and to provide brands with a targeted, proximity-led advertising solution that converges display, mobile, digital out-of-home, print, outdoor and sponsorship solutions.

The platform is already generating new advertising revenues across the hospitality sector, delivering a network of hard-to-reach consumers with propensities to spend to advertisers eager to target them with messaging, and hosting campaigns for luxury brands including Burberry, Mvlgari and Ralph Lauren.

No-SDK Ensighten Mobile
Ensighten Mobiles unique no-SDK approach eliminates the wait time in native app optimisation, allowing marketers to tag their apps and make changes instantly instead of waiting for applications to be recoded and updates to be downloaded by consumers.

The platform is the first ever real-time mobile app optimisation solution and finally puts native app optimisation on par with that of websites, enabling marketers to drive improvements in customer experience and engagement instantaneously, and keep an agile approach to driving loyalty and conversion rates.

PubMatic offers a world-class service across mobile display, video and native ad formats through a consultive approach with publishers and real-time bidding technology that enables publishers to maximise the value of each impression.

The companys data enrichment capabilities allow publishers to enrich each impression with first party data parameters, leveraging their custom audiences across all mobile devices, while non-cookie based targeting technology enables media buying partners to deliver behavioural targeting and frequency capping across mobile inventory.