MM Awards

Awards Preview - Most Effective Brand

Tim Maytom

Every day between now and the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards Ceremony on 17 November, we will be previewing the finalists in one of the 30 categories. Today, we continue our look at the People's Choice categories that were nominated and voted for by you, and break out the big names for Most Effective Brand.

british-airways-appBritish Airways
British Airways has consistently been an early adopter of new technologies on mobile, making use of iOS Passbook, mobile check-in and more as methods of streamlining the travel experience. As a brand, the company has focused more on mobile advertising over the past year, and embraced the use of beacons within airports.

The online retail giant continues to dominate on mobile as more consumers make use of their smartphones when shopping online. The debut of the Echo smart speaker with Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa, along with the launch of Dash Buttons, has helped bridge the divide between digital and physical, as has the launch of a number of pop-up stores across America.

Jaguar Landrover
The British auto manufacturer has long been a leader in delivering fantastic mobile-centric ads that push the limits of what is possible on smartphones. The firm has embraced innovative formats including virtual reality and 360 video to produce unique campaigns that showcase its vehicles and build its brand.

A true driver in terms of mobile loyalty adoption, Starbucks has also added mobile ordering and payment to its offerings in a seamless fashion, introducing millions of consumers to mCommerce thanks to massive levels of adoption and use on an everyday basis.

The US retail brand reliably creates innovative mobile tools for shoppers that take full advantage of the native capabilities that modern smartphones offer. Its mobile couponing app Cartwheel has seen huge adoption, with 27m  registered users and $600m saved by consumers over the course of three years.

Unilever has invested heavily in innovation through its Next Big Thing programme which supports startups and growth in the mobile sphere, and as an advertiser, its various brands have used multiple creative formats on mobile to reach and connect with consumers.

Our Award winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony in London on 17 November. To book a seat or table, head for the Awards website or call John Owen on 07769 674824.