Awards Preview – Most Effective Internet of Things Solution

Ogilvy IoTIn the latest of our daily previews of our Awards finalists, we look at the contenders in the Most Effective Internet of Things category.

Ampersand & Ampersand – Ogilvy Lab Day Live
Ogilvy hosts 250 clients in its private Lab Day Live event each year. The theme of its latest event was the ‘Internet of Things, showcasing the way mobile and digital enhance user engagement within physical spaces. Ampersand & Ampersand was invited to create an innovative, location-based app to enrich the audience experience throughout the day.

It used a combination of time, location and a physical network of iBeacons to deliver exhibitor information and real-time speaker notifications. As delegates were navigating the exhibition space, the list of exhibitors would reshuffle based on the visitor’s proximity to the exhibitor stands. Delegates were also notified whenever a new speaker was up so that they’d know exactly when to join the lecture hall.

In line with the Internet of Things theme of the event, Amersand also gifted a ‘connected cactus’ to each willing visitor. This triggered the delivery of relevant app content whenever the user approached the cactus. The visitors were invited to take the connected cactus home and continue to receive hand-picked, personalised content via the app, long after the day of the event.

The company say We had 67 per cent uptake on the day of the event. Of that group, 30-day engagement was 85 per cent, three-month engagement was 40 per cent, and engagement continued beyond six months. All achieved via a 99p cactus and a £7 beacon.

Freckle – Freckle IoT
Freckle IoT is a beacon-based mobile attribution company, designed to leverage next-generation connected devices for proximity marketing. Freckle’s technology combines the data of IoT and mobile devices to optimize the consumer experience, serving them relevant marketing messages and offers based on their interests and current location. Freckle’s beacon network enables advertisers to engage their connected consumers within close proximity of a desired location, driving consumers to these locations with relevant offers.

Freckle’s solution connects in-store and out-of-store brand experiences. Because Freckle is able to track device locations throughout the path-to-purchase, it is able to provide brands and advertisers with an accurate measurement of what led to in-store purchases.

Freckle software is integrated into thousands of multi-channel apps, with a reach that extended to over 70m users globally in 2016. In addition, Freckle also has access to what it claims is the largest network of beacons in N. America.

Our Award winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony in London on 17 November. To book a seat or table, head for the Awards website or call John Owen on 07769 674824.