Awards Preview – Most Effective Mobile Advertising Campaign

The Effective Mobile Marketing Awards Ceremony takes place one month today on 28 November at the London Film Museum. Every business day between now and then, we’ll be previewing the shortlisted entries in each category, starting today with the Most Effective Mobile Advertising Campaign…


Cheil Worldwide and Mobile 5 – Samsung Galaxy S4 Global Launch

This HTML5 rich media campaign enabled users to experience five key benefits of the S4 handset. All five rich media experiences were built into the same unit, allowing users to quickly jump through them and explore the handset in depth. 

The campaign delivered significant uplifts in brand awareness, brand perception, purchase consideration and first choice consideration. 


Fetch – From eBay With Love

This campaign was designed to reinforce eBay aimed to reinforce eBay’s positioning as a one-stop-shop for Christmas presents, and to drive iOS and Android app downloads. The creative asked users to click on a banner to see ‘What’s inside our Christmas store’. Next, they wiped away the snow covering a window to see what was inside, then rotated the phone to take a closer look, then tap to unwrap a gift, at which point they saw a promotional eBay video. Both app download and ad interaction time targets were easily exceeded. 


InMobi – Nick Grimshaw Breakfast Show

This campaign was designed to introduce Radio 1 listeners to the station’s new breakfast show host, Nick Grimshaw, as he replaced Chris Moyles. The ad took the form of a phone call from Grimshaw to the mobile user, which was triggered when the user clicked on a banner to find out more about the show. It replicated the act of receiving a phone call from a friend, displaying the radio DJ’s name and photo as though he was already saved as a personal contact, and then playing back a pre-recorded message. The campaign delivered phenomenal results, far exceeding expectations. 


Manning Gottlieb OMD – John Lewis Click and Collect

The objective of this campaign was to raise awareness of the John Lewis Click & Collect service among Waitrose and John Lewis shoppers (ABC1 adults), living in a catchment area of participating collection stores. The campaign targeted smartphone users via a messaging campaign, and tablet users within a 15-minute drive of participating stores. The campaign helped drive a 40 per cent increase in take-up of the Click & Collect service. 


Manning Gottlieb OMD – Driving the Nissan N-Tec

With this campaign, Nissan wanted to shift opinion of the Nissan brand, focusing on the new Nissan JUKE N-Tec’s technology, including  ‘Google Send-To-Car’, which allows owners to input directions via their phone or laptop and send them to the built-in sat-nav, ready for when they get in. The campaign targeted technology influencers, who were invited to ‘See Duke in Your Street, Tap to Ride’. Users could then experience Google Map’s accuracy as a pin was dropped where they had engaged with the ad using Google Street view. The Nissan N-Tec was then shown driving to the person’s exact location on a map on their phone. The campaign delivered large increases in brand awareness, positive opinion and purchase consideration. 


Manning Gottlieb OMD – Specsavers Hyper-local Sales

The first step towards selling a pair of glasses is to convince a customer to take an eye test, so this campaign was designed to drive spontaneous footfall for free eye tests in Specsavers’ branches, using mobile coupons that users could redeem in their local store, with a unique SKU code. When users tapped on an ad, they were taken to the offer page, and encouraged to download their voucher to Passbook (non-Apple users could save the URL or take a screengrab of the voucher). This meant even if a consumer didn’t take up the offer that day, the next time they were within 50m of a Specsavers store, the voucher would ping up onto the iPhone’s home screen, reminding them of the offer. The campaign was a huge success, generating more than £210k of sales over the four week campaign period within the selected stores


Millennial Media/Eagle Eye/Harvester – Mitchell & Butlers Harvester Passbook

In this campaign, restaurant chain Harvester worked with mobile advertising platform, Millennial Media, and gift and rewards specialist, Eagle Eye, to create the UK’s first redeemable Passbook campaign. The objective was to drive diners into Harvester restaurants by delivering a voucher for £5 off their bill when spending £30 or more. The voucher could be used at any Harvester restaurant across the UK, and could be downloaded directly from the iPhone. Upon clicking the banner, consumers were taken to a simple landing page with a  call-to-action to add the voucher to their Passbook. Eagle Eye then pushed the individually-coded voucher to the user’s smartphone, with no additional details required. The campaign ran for two weeks, delivering a conversion rate of 54 per cent, generating 16,000 downloads. 


Mindshare – Kleenex & Sneezeman: The Game

With this campaign, Mindshare aimed to target Kleenex’s target audience of 25-44 mums while they were engaged in mobile gaming  – one in five of the target audience cited mobile gaming as their number 1 online activity for an average of 10 minutes per visit. 

App developer Sensei Games developed a game centred on the character, Sneezeman.  Kleenex developed a full sponsorship of the game, including the load screen, which h introduced the game as ‘Sneezeman powered by Kleenex’; messaging on billboards that Sneezeman runs past as he navigates through the levels; and a fully animated Sneezeman using a Kleenex tissue on the score page in between levels.  

In the first 6 months, Sneezeman was downloaded more than 75,000 times in the UK, with more than 950,000 unique gaming sessions. On average, users to date have spent more than 12 minutes per session playing the game. The game also reached number 2 in the iTunes Free chart (overall) helping Kleenex reaching a huge audience beyond their core audience, and gain real credibility in the mobile gaming community.  


OMD UK/Channel 4 – Tonight on 4 TV Guide

Channel 4 was looking for a way to keep viewing figures up after its acclaimed coverage of the 2012 London Paralympic games. Its solution was to use its audience’s mobile and tablet devices to invite and remind them to tune in ‘tonight on 4’ immediately before programmes started each evening, through an exclusive partnership with TV Guide, the UK’s leading TV listings app, with over 5 million downloads to date. Working with OMD, Channel 4 created and co-launched the first ‘Tonight On 4’ show interstitials partnership of TV Guide’s iPhone and iPad apps. The ads appeared within the ‘load screen’ of the app when opened, and included an ‘add to calendar’ function, which allowed TV Guide users to obtain a brief programme synopsis and add a reminder to their phone or tablet’s native calendar five minutes prior to the promoted show’s start time. 

Research commissioned following the launch of the campaign showed that as many as 40 per cent of users watched advertised shows as a direct result of the daily ads, with 32 per cent  saying they then continued to watch various other Channel 4 programmes.


OMD UK/Coty UK – Rimmel London Kate Matte Lip Ad Sync

Cosmetics brand Rimmel was looking for an original, impactful and highly effective way to promote the new Kate Matte Lip Collection matte lipstick range. Its solution was to launch the UK’s first official TV/mobile ‘Ad Sync’ campaign within the context of a wider sponsorship of The X Factor.

Rimmel took TV spot airing during The X Factor’s ad break at launch, but with a twist. This was the first official automatic TV ‘Ad Sync’ campaign in the UK. X Factor fans in the watching the live show and simultaneously ‘playing along’ via the official iPhone or iPad show app were simultaneously served an exclusive content experience just as a Kate Matte Lip Collection TV ad spot appeared in the first ad break of the broadcast. The mobile experience featured a behind-the-scenes look of the TV advert, extra branded video content featuring contestants, a chance to win a Rimmel London goody bag, and a link to a partner retailer’s mobile site for immediate purchase.

The campaign generated over 23,000 ‘syncs’ of the TV ad, occurring over the course of one night and a single 20-second TV spot only. Furthermore, the ad unit boasted an engagement rate of 43 per cent, and 9 per cent of iPhone and 14 per cent of iPad users clicked through to further Rimmel content outside of the ad unit, including over 2,600 clicks to additional branded videos.


OMD UK/Intel – Intel Inside Live: TV Star In 30 Seconds

With this campaign, Intel was aiming to reverse negative perceptions of the brand among young digital natives, in terms of technology leadership. The campaign tapped into the target audience’s love of celebrity culture, personal fame, social media and instant gratification. 

The solution was “Intel Inside – LIVE”:  a live speed test, proving the pace of Intel, with Generation Y in the driving seat. In just 30 seconds, the campaign gave Generation Y the chance to star in Intel’s Christmas TV ad – in the X Factor Final…with the ad created at blistering speed – across just the length of the programme! This was all made possible by seamlessly bringing together three key media platforms: Mobile, Social & TV.  

On the evening of the X Factor final, A 10-second ad near the start of the show invited the audience to star in the ad using the Shazam app and their mobile to submit festive picture messages to their friends at the start of show, all to be live-edited remotely and showcased in a final ad at the end of the show (something that had never been done previously), making it the fastest edited and approved TV commercial shown in the UK. 17,000 people engaged with the campaign, while 86 per cent agreed that: ‘Intel is powering the fastest computers on the planet’, compared to 51 per cent before our campaign, and 83 per cent agreed that: ‘Intel appeals to me more than other technology brands’, up from 53 per cent before the campaign.


Somo and Probability – Lady Lucks Second Screen

For this campaign Somo and LadyLucks targeted ads at users on their mobile devices to co-incide with LadyLucks’ existing TV advertising campaign. The idea was to increase brand engagement and leverage mobile as a direct response mechanism for TV, driving mobile app installs and customer registrations. The campaign resulted in a significant decrease in CPA (cost per acquisition), and significant increases in app downloads and mobile search click volumes. 


Unilever VO5 – VO5 & Shazam

This campaign aimed to reach the hard-to-reach 18-24 female VO5 target audience. To do so, Unilever turned to Shazam, inviting TV viewers to ‘Shazam’ the brand’s TV ad in order to download additional content – ‘how to’ hair styling tips videos – to their mobile.  At the time of entering the awards, the campaign had delivered 34,000 Shazams, with 12 per cent of those who downloaded the Shazam content going on to view the video in its entirety.  


Waitrose – Waitrose Passbook

Through this campaign, Waitrose wanted to encourage shoppers to make repeat visits to store to boost sales of their special offer items in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

The solution relied on Apple’s  Passbook functionality. A rich media ad ‘unravelled’ to reveal the weekly offer which was targeted to premium environments where users were likely to look for quick updates throughout the day e.g. newspaper sites. iPhone users were encouraged to ‘Add to Passbook’ or ‘Find your nearest’.  Once users tapped on the ‘Add to Passbook’ function, the pass registered the nearest stores to the consumer so that when within 200m, an offer would popup on their home screen. It automatically updated each week with Waitrose’s latest offer, driving repeat business.

The campaign generated more than 1,200 taps to Passbook at a time when Passbook’s functionality was still relatively unknown. Sales in-store rose 8.8 per cent between the 18 and 31 December, with like-for-like sales of the offers up 5.4 per cent.  


YuMe – JustWink

This campaign sought to inform consumers about justWink, a new line of greeting cards from American Greetings that could be accessed in store, online and via mobile apps for iOS and Android. justWink enables users to easily customize greeting cards with their own photos and messages, then the final card can be sent via e-mail, text message, Facebook, or a printed version via snail mail – all through the app. It used YuMe’s innovative ‘Mobile Flip’ video ad unit to do so. 

The ads featured call-to-action icons to enable users to immediately take next steps to engage.  Furthermore, users could select a call icon to make an immediate call to justWink for more information and could select social media interaction elements, such as Facebook or Twitter, from either slate. These interactive elements simplified the user’s experience while driving brand engagement and video ad completions.

The one-month campaign delivered over 7m completed ad views, with close to 600,000 people swiping to interact with special Mobile Flip features, and almost 5,000 people downloading the app. 


The Awards Ceremony takes place at the London Film Museum on the evening of 28 November. You can book your seat at the awards here. Or call Lisa Slavin on +44 (0) 207 183 5285 or email

A table of 10 costs £2,250. Individual seats cost £250. There are 250 seats available on a first come, first served basis. We expect seats to sell out quickly. 

Congratulations once again to all our finalists.