Awards Preview - Most Effective Mobile Couponing or Barcode Campaign

David Murphy

With the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards Ceremony taking place in London in less than four weeks’ time, on 28 November, we continue our daily preview with a look at the finalists in the Most Effective Mobile Couponing or Barcode Campaign.


i-movo – Coors-Light Cold Caller

Jean-Claude Van Damme became brand ambassador for Coors Light in 2012. In July 2013, Molson-Coors launched a TV campaign featuring the new ‘cold sensitive’ label on the Coors Light bottles, which, at the ‘Damme cold’ temperature of 4 degrees Celsius, turn blue. Molson-Coors also decided to let consumers hear from Jean-Claude directly in the form of a phone call: a ‘cold-call’... 

The campaign directed the audience to the ‘Jean-Claude Van Damme Cold Caller’ experience, available on Facebook and the Coors Light website, where people would enter the details of a friend to send a ‘Damme cold’ call to. The call script was created by choosing a series of phrases pre-recorded by Van Damme, featuring the same endearments and catchphrases made popular by the TV campaigns.

Toward the end of the ‘Damme cold call’ Jean-Claude would say, ‘Have a beer on me’, at which point the recipient would receive a voucher for four free bottles or cans of Coors Light from one of 6,000 specially selected stores. The voucher was delivered as a text message, containing a unique URL leading to a mobile voucher and a storefinder. The voucher appeared as a barcode for scanning and immediate validation using the retailer’s PayPoint or Payzone terminal.

The objective of the campaign was to engage consumers across the whole of the UK and allow them to sample Coors Light in a controlled manner. The design of the campaign promoted a viral effect through peer-group recommendation and allowed for data-capture of potential consumers. 

A lot of work went in to ensuring a seamless experience for consumers and retailers, but it paid off, as the campaign delivered outstanding results, and as with all i-movo campaigns, all sums were paid to all participating retailers via PayPoint or Payzone within seven working days, with no need for  retailers to submit claim forms.


Manning Gottlieb OMD – Specsavers Hyper-local Sales

The first step towards selling a pair of glasses is to convince a customer to take an eye test, so this campaign was designed to drive spontaneous footfall for free eye tests in Specsavers’ branches, using mobile coupons that users could redeem in their local store, with a unique SKU code. When users tapped on an ad, they were taken to the offer page, and encouraged to download their voucher to Passbook (non-Apple users could save the URL or take a screengrab of the voucher). This meant even if a consumer didn’t take up the offer that day, the next time they were within 50m of a Specsavers store, the voucher would ping up onto the iPhone’s home screen, reminding them of the offer. The campaign was a huge success, generating more than £210k of sales over the four week campaign period within the selected stores


Millennial Media/Eagle Eye/Harvester – Mitchell & Butlers Harvester Passbook

In this campaign, restaurant chain Harvester worked with mobile advertising platform, Millennial Media, and gift and rewards specialist, Eagle Eye, to create the UK’s first redeemable Passbook campaign. The objective was to drive diners into Harvester restaurants by delivering a voucher for £5 off their bill when spending £30 or more. The voucher could be used at any Harvester restaurant across the UK, and could be downloaded directly from the iPhone. Upon clicking the banner, consumers were taken to a simple landing page with a  call-to-action to add the voucher to their Passbook. Eagle Eye then pushed the individually-coded voucher to the user’s smartphone, with no additional details required. The campaign ran for two weeks, delivering a conversion rate of 54 per cent, generating 16,000 downloads. 

The Awards Ceremony takes place at the London Film Museum on the evening of 28 November. There are just three tables still remaining. A table of 10 costs £2,250. Individual seats cost £250. You can book your seat at the awards here. Or call Lisa Slavin on +44 (0) 207 183 5285 or email lisa.slavin@mobilemarketingmagazine.com