Awards Preview – Most Effective Programmatic Campaign

Every day between now and the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards Ceremony on 17 November, we will be previewing the finalists in one of the 30 categories. Today, its the turn of the Most Effective Programmatic Campaign category.

Lidl CreativeLidl and Starcom – Lidl Easter
The grocery sector is a highly competitive market, especially at Easter, and is dominated by those with a strong data play. Lidl don’t have a loyalty card, or an eCommerce offering, and have very little access to consumer behaviour data. What it needed was an effective way to measure the campaign’s success and prove its worth whilst keeping market share away from competition.

Measurement became the focus of Lidl Easter. Lidl and Starcom wanted to do something different and better. The struggle lay in the fact that in previous Easter campaigns, little investment had been made in mobile let alone cross device measurement.

Mobile was put into context, working alongside desktop and making way for the real innovation – a cross-device research study, bespoke for the needs of Lidl. The campaign went beyond delivering mobile media in silo, instead using mobile as a vehicle to understand all actions across all devices, throughout the purchase funnel.

The campaign managed to increase consumer consideration of Lidl to five times the retail norm and doubled purchase intent to 12 per cent against the retail benchmark of 6 per cent. It also succeeded in converting that consideration into footfall – driving a 14 per cent increase in those exposed visiting the store. and Criteo – Criteo and Go Mobile is an online retailer that offers stylish designer furniture at affordable prices. The UK-based firm has experienced rapid international expansion into France, Italy, the Netherlands and, most recently, Germany and Belgium. The company also has brick-and-mortar showrooms in London, Leeds, Liverpool, Berlin, Paris, Milan and Amsterdam.

Online furniture retailer recently enhanced its performance marketing strategy using Criteo technologies to expand reach and optimise the consumer experience across all channels and devices. The new strategy resulted in a 5.3 per cent increase in sales on mobile.

Criteo analysis showed that shoppers use multiple devices in their path to purchase. The company thus wanted to leverage a strong cross-device strategy to increase market share; reach more of its target audience across devices; and deliver a consistently appealing and relevant user experience on every device, channel, and point in the purchase path. Criteo’s dynamic performance technology enabled to expand its mobile reach and create a positive and enticing experience on every screen. deployed a powerful combination of Criteo solutions to achieve its goals. Criteo’s exact match technology ensures a seamless user journey for’s cross-device users. With Criteo’s solution, users can be retargeted with personalised, relevant and dynamic banners on desktop even if they haven’t visited on a mobile device before. Each consumer is assigned a non-identifiable Criteo ID which is used to link users to their devices. Criteo’s IDs are pooled across the entire client network, so is able to take advantage of match rates of up to 45 per cent.

Criteo also deployed mobile tagging to ensure all sites are responsive to mobile screens, and created branded banners for that are optimised for mobile to improve clickthrough rates.
The new banners focused on a large visual and price only, delivering the key message while still remaining on-brand. The new banner look and feel drove a 3.6 per cent increase in CTR for

New Look and Criteo – Connect the Consumer
With desktop inventory becoming more competitive, requiring increased programmatic spends and offering limited supply, New Look wanted to think outside the box and target more users across screens. Working with Criteo, it launched a cross-screen campaign that ensured personalised, dynamic targeting and seamless cross-device coverage to take advantage of the UK’s massive mobile audience and inventory.

The retailer had two key objectives. The first was to increase revenue through improved efficiency: with users transitioning to mobile devices, New Look wanted to get more from its ad spend by accessing mobile inventory in the RTB space.

Secondly, it wanted to improve user experience through a single user view across devices: consumers who use multiple browsers and devices often have multiple user profiles. New Look wanted to ensure they were delivering the most relevant message across all the profiles of each user – ensuring the right message at the right place and right time.

Working with Criteo, New Look was able to execute a strategy that efficiently delivered a consistent brand experience to all its customers across all their devices. Mobile tagging was implemented to ensure that New Look could reach users visiting any New Look property, not just the desktop site.

New Look also opted in to Criteo’s exact-match cross-device technology to ensure a seamless user journey for cross-device users. With exact match, users are retargeted on mobile even if they hadn’t visited the New Look mobile site on a mobile device, while hashed tagging protects user privacy.

As a result of this cross-screen strategy, 35 per cent of New Look’s retargeting sales are now delivered on mobile devices. What’s more, 52 per cent of sales come from users who browse and purchase on two or more different devices. New Look customers now have the seamless, consistent and personalised experience they expect across every touchpoint.

Strongbow and Mediavest – Strongbow Cloudy Apple
Strongbow was launching a brand new cider to its range – Strongbow Cloudy Apple. In the already-saturated cider market, Cloudy Apple was to be positioned as a premium line extension in Strongbow’s portfolio. The creative needed to set Cloudy Apple apart from Strongbow original. Product testing had been extremely positive, so Strongbow and Mediavest knew that if they could get Cloudy Apple into the hands of consumers, they would be onto a winner.

The Cloudy Apple audience love their mobile devices. This made mobile a key tool, allowing Strongbow to target relevant consumers and hit them with a trial message just at the point when they were ready to reach for a cool cider. Mobile also served as a crucial measurement tool, measuring the impact of the location targeting and drawing insights about the target audience. What’s more, the innovative footfall measurement was a first for Strongbow and Mediavest. It was the first time they could measure all areas of the campaign accurately.

To measure the campaign’s effectiveness, Mediavest used a brand study to track uplift in consideration and purchase intent. Additionally, footfall into pubs and supermarkets was tracked to measure the campaign’s success at driving users into stockists. Mediavest worked with its data partner Statiq to apply insights to the users that went into pubs and stores to gain additional data about exactly who were the people who had trialled Cloudy Apple.

The campaign delivered a 19 per cent uplift in consideration for Strongbow Cloudy Apple, nearly doubling the 10 per cent target. Better still, the campaign delivered an 18 per cent uplift in purchase intent.

The footfall study revealed a 1.05x uplift in footfall to store versus the control group, driving 25,201 people who had seen the ad into stores with the intention of trying Cloudy Apple. It also drove an impressive 1.35x uplift into pubs versus the control group, meaning it influenced 7,008 people to enter a pub to try Cloudy Apple.

Travel Republic and Criteo – Criteo and Travel Republic Take Off
In a market that’s increasingly spoilt for choice both in terms of product and price, online travel agent Travel Republic’s goal was to maximise order values while effectively balancing profit margins with publisher spend.

With the rapid increase seen on mobile devices in the travel space since late 2015, it was also keen to explore a cross-device solution that would bridge the gap across user devices; especially the mobile researcher who then books on desktop.

By leveraging Criteo’s cross-screen performance marketing technology, Travel Republic has been able to improve the efficiency of its retargeting while also improving profitability – maximising revenue based on propensity to convert.

The Criteo engine is uniquely focused on the travel industry, enabling travel providers to harvest profitable bookings and reach higher value holidaymakers who are likely to spend more, while conserving ad spend on lower value products.

This cross-device technology ensures that each personalised ad is created for an individual visitor in real time and can feature multiple offers in a single banner, thereby giving the consumer a virtual travel agent within an ad.

Time, placement, creative and products displayed are all optimised to achieve the highest click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate. This means that the user is shown an ad with products they’re most likely to want to purchase, along with subtle upsells in the shape of popular products that closely match their original purchase intent.

The choice of products to display is based on the tool’s statistical models using Travel Republic’s onsite conversion metrics. This technology determines the display of product or destination recommendations according to margin indices. For many travel advertisers, these high-margin products represent a small fraction of the total feed, so promoting them can have a significant impact on profitability.

Using Criteo’s tech, Travel Republic was able to retarget a qualified audience from mobile, maintaining a consistent ad presence where travel consumers are more likely to convert. 29 per cent of H1 2016 sales are happening on mobile devices, compared to 21 per cent in H1 2015. Mobile users are up by 28.7 per cent, and mobile bookings by 24.1 per cent over the same period. And 13 per cent of bookings happening on a desktop are from people who have been browsing on mobile.

Our Award winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony in London on 17 November. To book a seat or table, head for the Awards website or call John Owen on 07769 674824.