Awards Preview – Most Effective Social Campaign

KnorrEvery day between now and the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards Ceremony on 17 November, we will be previewing the finalists in one of the 30 categories. Today, its the turn of the Most Effective Brand Campaign category.

Knorr, Joule, PHD, Mindshare, Edelman and Mullen Lowe – Knorr Love At First Taste
Reaching the millennial audience isn’t the easiest challenge for a food brand best known for its stock pots, but this campaign did just that with a viral video showing couples sharing food on a first date.

The video itself racked up 112m views across channels, but it was also supported across social media, with Twitter’s ‘conversational video’ card unit, Facebook ads targeted at known ‘foodies’ and an accompanying ‘flavour profiler’ web app.

Levi’s and OMD China – The Levi’s Campaign That Levi’s Didn’t Create
Levi’s was facing a huge brand perception problem amongst Chinese targets. The fundamental issue was that the brand didn’t excite or inspire the younger generation. Levi’s had lost its denim leadership to rival Lee in China’s lower tier cities.

It had to do something different. So instead of telling Chinese Millennials what it meant to be original, OMD China and Levi’s handed over complete reign of ad creation and inspired them to create their very own version of Levi’s ‘We Are Original’ campaign.

Since people are often inspired by music, OMD China and Levi’s partnered with mobile music app, Tencent’s QQ music. Harnessing Tencent’s QQ database, they selected Millennials’ favourite songs that best embodied Levis’ brand spirit. On the app, Millennials playing any of these songs unlocked Levi’s original images – backdrops to Levi’s campaign.

Consumers could then invent an original strapline, to pair with their Levi’s image directly on QQ Music, and then share it. So every message became an individual story told through WeChat: an expressive image, original statement and song, to get their friends inspired. Offline, the campaign invited China’s youths to star in their own Levi’s poster, striking a pose to show their originality. Scanning a QR code on their phones made these posters shareable.

The campaign really caught young consumer’s imagination: over 2.6m Levi’s ads were created by Millennials in just two weeks, and the campaign achieved an additional 2.9m consumer engagements in the form of likes, forwards, comments and shares.

LeoVegas – Instagram Video Carousel Ads
Social media has become a valuable advertising channel for many verticals, including gambling. LeoVegas’s approach to social is to stay innovative and find the best approach for all channels, including Instagram, by exploiting the best use of new ad formats, such as the carousel ads on Instagram. LeoVegas used Instagram’s carousel ads, combined with video ads, to keep the target audience interested and acquire new customers.

The company’s Instagram campaign enabled the company to engage with more users, and lower the cost per video view, and the cost per first time deposits.

Unilever, Mindshare UK and TMW Unlimited – Lynx CALM
As a brand targeted at young men, Lynx decided to team up with UK charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) to tackle the issue of male suicide. For its creative the campaign used real-time social listening to pick out comparatively trivial topics being discussed more than suicide, which was then delivered across mobile, social and high-impact out-of-home sites like London’s Piccadilly One.
Finally, supporters were asked for permission to send out a synchronised ‘thunderclap’ message on International Men’s Day, helping to increase awareness of the issue.

Our Award winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony in London on 17 November. To book a seat or table, head for the Awards website or call John Owen on 07769 674824.