Awards Preview – Most Effective Tablet App

With the shortlist announced, the countdown to our 2015 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards is truly on. Were exactly a month away from the ceremony, which takes place on 26 November in London, and between now and then well be highlighting some of the finalists in each of our 32 categories. Today, were taking a closer look at the entries for Most Effective Tablet App.

3Suisses Tablet App

As part of 3Suisses image rebranding efforts, the companys updated tablet app functioned as a high-impact eCommerce platform as well as introducing innovative, tablet-focused formats that aimed to drive engagement with both the brand and products.

Digital magalogues and the wheez interactive wheel that could be turned to change style combinations demonstrated the companys commitment to attracting a new, tech-savvy consumer base, and the new app drove session lengths, page visits and basket values to new heights.

Highstreet – PME Legend Shopping App
Dutch fashion brand PME Legend created a native iOS shopping app using the Highstreet Shopping App platform. A large proportion of its 30,000 downloads in the Netherlands have converted into regular active users, helping closing the gap between mobile traffic and revenue, with the app outperforming revenue from the brands mobile site by 13 per cent.

The app was designed to provide an effortless shopping experience across all devices, with deep webshop integration providing merchants and customers with real-time stock levels and seamless integration between fashion magazine-style photo-spreads and product pages.

John Lewis – #BreakingPad Project
With the #BreakingPad project, John Lewis hoped to develop a game-changing tablet experience for its customers, completely redesigning the companys iPad app as well as changing the way the team behind the app worked. Navigation was streamlined, inspirational content was integrated and APIs were built to improve performance and robustness.

Product page loads were dramatically reduced thanks to improvements, and conversion rates, revenues, orders and visits have all increased substantially, with an accompanied boost to the apps rating in the App Store, which leapt from three starts to 4.5

TVPlayer is the UKs fastest growing live TV service, a legal aggregator of over 60 free-to-air channels. Having notched up 250,000 downloads in its first month after launch, the app now has an audience of over 500,000 weekly users, and is in the process of launching a pay-TV service called TVPlayer Plus.

The tablet app has been promoted in both Apple and Google app stores, and has ranked at number one for Entertainment apps on both. It was designed and built in-house by Simplestream, who took their knowledge from working with a number of broadcasters and applied it to TVPlayer to ensure it provided consumers with an optimal viewing experience.

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