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Awards Preview – Most Effective Use of Video

Tim Maytom

Every day between now and the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards Ceremony on 17 November, we will be previewing the finalists in one of the 30 categories. Today, we take a look at the Most Effective Use of Video category.

peugeot omd use of video

Peugeot, OMD UK, Opera Mediaworks and Immersion – New 308 GTi by Peugeot Sport
Peugeot wanted to drive awareness, consideration and purchase intent among car enthusiasts for the 308 GTi and the wider 308 line, but in a cluttered and competitive market, cutting through to the target audience was harder than ever.

The company decided to reach beyond just audio-visual creative in order to replicate the feeling of the 308 GTi's speed and performance, vital factors that research suggested influenced purchasing behaviour. Working with Opera Mediaworks UK and Immersion, the team developed hardcoded haptic vibration effects that would act in sync with the fullscreen mobile video.

The ads were served exclusively within apps that were popular amongst the target audience, including relevant gaming apps like CSR Racing and Racing Rivals, and targeted higher-end smartphones that were equipped to deliver the full feel of the experience.

The campaign resulted in a 95 per cent video completion rate, and comScore research showed that overall opinion and consideration intent both doubled for those exposed to the ads. Even without a direct call-to-action, the ad achieved a high click-through rate, and resulted in media coverage thanks to its unique and innovative approach.

Fyber – Playrix Video Campaign For Township and Fishdom
Playrix is the global gaming powerhouse behind Township and Fishdom, two popular games. With new titles constantly fighting for players' attention, the firm needed a long-term user acquisition strategy that would consistently deliver dedicated and engaged players from around the world.

Working with Fyber's expert user acquisition team and its global inventory of more than 500bn monthly active users, Playrix aimed to acquire players that would stay engaged and deliver a high lifetime value for either game.

The company used Fyber's non-rewarded mobile video advertising formats, with each video ad showcasing the functionality and gameplay of Fishdom or Township with an immersive, full-screen trailer and call to action for downloading the game.

At the height of the campaign, Playrix saw over 3,000 news installs a day, with many new users coming from China, Russia and the USA. What's more, seven-day retention rates were between 50 and 70 per cent, demonstrating that Fyber's targeted approach had captured some of the most engaged users possible. Fyber was able to deliver results on this scale for months, driving Township and Fishdom into high positions within genre charts in China, the USA and Russia.

Jaguar and Mindshare – Jaguar Feel Wimbledon
To mark its sponsorship of this year’s Championships, Jaguar once again turned to Mindshare for a ‘Feel Wimbledon’ campaign that could give non-attendees a taste of being at the iconic sporting event. The resulting three-minute 360° video featuring Andy Murray was available on YouTube – where it attracted 2m views – and social media channels, and in ‘experiential zones’ set up at London Waterloo station and Jaguar retailers nationwide.

In these venues, fans could enjoy the full VR experience through Oculus Rift headsets, for the duration of the Wimbledon fortnight. Additionally, at Waterloo station and in the Jaguar retail outlets, as well as in the queue to get into Wimbledon, Mindshare distributed 40,000 Feel Wimbledon-branded Google Cardboard sets so people could enjoy the immersive experience via their own mobile phones.

At Waterloo station, 7,900 people enjoyed the full VR experience, spending an average of 12 minutes with the brand. When it came to cut through, #FeelWimbledon was the most used hashtag of all the Wimbledon partner brands.

Renault, MGOMD and LoopMe – The All-new Renault KADJAR
Renault worked with media agency Manning Gottlieb OMD and technology provider LoopMe to support the promotion of Renault’s new car release, the all-new KADJAR. Research partner On Device Research assessed the campaign and delivered a brand uplift study, measuring its overall effectiveness and impact on brand metrics. The main objective was to build awareness of the model and its unique selling points, create mass reach and make the Renault KADJAR a household name.

The target audience was ‘hero dads’, including men aged 35-49 with children, who were in the market to buy a car. Matching the car’s essence of adventure and exploration, hero dads were described as adventurous, with key passion points being sports, outdoor activities and spending time with their family.

The ad experience featured two impactful full-screen ad units, using a mixture of the HTML5 rich media technology and high-quality video to deliver a clear and effective brand message. LoopMe’s Data Management Platform and Artificial Intelligence engine enabled the campaign to be targeted and optimized in real-time.

The campaign was also placed in well-chosen premium and brand-safe publisher environments and ran across all mobile devices in mobile web and in-app, to achieve the necessary scale and impact. Strict frequency capping was employed to ensure a positive user experience. The campaign generated impressive overall results, outperforming industry benchmarks on many KPIs and delivering over 13,986 hours of brand contact time.

The brand uplift study by On Device Research also showed that the campaign boosted Renault’s brand performance across all aspects of the purchase funnel. The campaign delivered a 350 per cent uplift in mobile ad recall; a 78 per cent increase in brand consideration; and a 76 per cent uplift in purchase intent, compared to a control group.

Samsung, Opera Mediaworks and Starcom – Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
When launching the new Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung wanted an attention-grabbing campaign that would generation massive awareness and meaningful conversations. Working with Starcom, the company targeted high-end device owners who were in the market for their next phone, with the aim of creating massive visibility at launch.

In order to have maximum impact and maintain its brand image of an innovative marketer, Samsung elected to use full-screen, high impact video that served instantly-loading full HD content. A dynamic end card offered a 360 view of the Galaxy S7, as well as added animation and unwrapping, to provide a compelling call-to-action.

The campaign resulted in a high number of completed views and reached a wide range of unique users who were likely to be searching for a new phone within the next six months. The interactive end card saw excellent interaction rates and dwell time, and overall the campaign contributed to the huge buzz around the launch.

Our Award winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony in London on 17 November. To book a seat or table, head for the Awards website or call John Owen on 07769 674824.