Please read on for the full Rules of Entry… All entries must be submitted by the Awards deadline, which is midnight (UK time) on Friday, 26 July 2019. Entries must be submitted via the Awards Portal. Campaigns/projects may be entered into multiple categories.

Cost of entry: The cost to enter an award is £180 plus VAT per submission. There is a 50% discount to enter any campaign into additional categories after the first category. So to enter a campaign in one category costs £180 (£216 including VAT). To enter it into two categories costs £270 (£324 inc. VAT), to enter three categories costs £360 (£432 inc. VAT). There is a £30 discount per entry submitted before the Early Bird deadline of midnight UK time, 12 July 2019. If the Entry Deadline is extended to cater for late entries, any entries received after the Entry Deadline of 26 July 2019 will be subject to a £50 one-off surcharge per entry, per category.

Payment for each entry can be made via the Awards Portal at

A completed entry form is required for EACH entry. If you are entering the same campaign in more than one category, simply select each category you want to enter the campaign in. Any queries should be addressed to the Awards team at:

The judges reserve the right to move an entry from one category to another if they believe it has been submitted to the wrong category and there is another, more appropriate category for it. The judges reserve the right to withdraw a category if insufficient entries are received.

You may include supporting materials, in addition to your entry form, as follows:

• Images – maximum of 5

• PDF – maximum 6 pages

• PowerPoint presentation – maximum 6 slides

• Link to one video, maximum 3 minutes duration

If you include links to any sites in support of your entry, please make sure these links work, and please supply any username/password combinations needed to access them.

Any campaigns/platforms/solutions which ran or were developed in calendar year 2018 or calendar year 2019 are eligible for entry in the Awards. For the one-off Mobile Marketing Campaign of the Decade category to celebrate the 10th Anniversary Edition of the Awards, any campaign or platform dating from 2010 to 2019 is eligible.

We welcome entries from across the world.

The judges’ decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Commercial sensitivity. Any information contained in your Awards entry which is not for publication should be clearly marked ‘Not for publication’.

By submitting an entry, you confirm that you agree with the Rules of Entry.

The Awards Ceremony takes place in London on 14 November 2019. For more details on the Ceremony, click on the Ceremony tab.