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Countable and Leanplum

Civic Engagement Campaign

3. Messaging

Campaign Overview

Countable is a civic technology company powering a new wave of political engagement in the US. It enables its users to understand the laws Congress is considering, and streamlines the process of contacting lawmakers, so citizens can tell them how they want them to vote on bills under consideration.

The company partnered with Leanplum to develop campaigns that connected users with their representatives and enabled them to share how they’d vote on pending legislation. With the average member of the US Congress representing between 800,000 and 1m people, it’s difficult to communicate and get an accurate read on the concerns of constituents. Countable used Leanplum’s platform to better support the democratic process by communicating to millions of individuals on a more personal and actionable level.

Countable used Leanplum to provide non-partisan, easy-to-understand summaries of legislative activities based on each person’s distinctive interests. The Leanplum platform also enables users to take action by sending their opinions directly to their representatives through Countable’s messaging platform. Countable users are able to vote on legislation with the simple push of a Yes or No button, and also share their opinions within the Countable community.

Countable created a campaign using Leanplum’s software to determine what messages resonated with their users the most. Their campaign focused on sending a variety of push notifications, as well as intentional emails to their users. Over several weeks, Countable was able to update the campaign in real-time to drive engagement.

Leanplum user analytics revealed the best channels through which to engage with each user and the time of day that each individual user was most likely to interact with the app. Armed with this knowledge, Countable was then able to test the effectiveness of keyword placements, use of emojis and rich push notifications.

Leanplum enabled Countable to communicate with millions of individuals on a personal, meaningful and actionable level, supporting the democratic process. In total, Countable successfully enabled 36m civic engagements, keeping its users informed and strengthening the connection and transparency between representatives and their constituents.

Through its analytics and message-testing tools, Leanplum improved Countable’s communications with its users in real time. Countable can now create email and push notifications that feel personal to each user at scale.

Judges’ View: “This campaign addressed an age-old problem with modern technology and delivered results in today’s challenging environment when the political stakes are so high. Well done.”


Most Effective Messaging Campaign


Countable and Leanplum – Civic Engagement Campaign

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