Axis Announces LEMONADE support

AxisMobile, which specializes in consumer mobile email, has announced its support for a subset of the new mobile email standard LEMONADE, moving its mobile email platform towards full standards compliance.
AxisMobile has chosen to support the LEMONADE (The License to Enhance Mobile Oriented and Diverse Endpoints) standard because it is tailored to meet the challenges of mass mobile email deployment, including traffic optimisation, per-handset adaptation of attachments, and true IP-based push. 
The implementation of the standard will allow AxisMobile to expand its ability to support future handsets with native support for LEMONADE. The company currently has live deployments, including the LEMONADE standard currently serving tens of thousands of mobile email users worldwide. Based on the success achieved so far, incorporation of more elements of the standard are planned in future releases.
We are seeing an increased demand for consumer mobile email from around the world says AxisMobile CEO Shai Schiller. For the service to be cost-effective, operators are looking for solutions that are based on open industry standards. AxisMobile is able to offer mobile operators a mobile email experience which is almost identical to the PC email experience. We believe by supporting some of the earliest live deployments of the emerging standard, we are demonstrating our leadership in the consumer mobile email market.