Axonix Launches White Label Ad Exchange

  • Wednesday, February 11th, 2015
  • Author: Tim Maytom
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SB1_AxonixMobile ad exchange Axonix has launched the industrys first technology platform aimed at enabling any organisation to create their own mobile ad exchange, giving premium publishers, ad networks, mobile operators and data providers the ability to set up branded programmatic trading environments.

The Axonix White Label Ad Exchange hopes to create a secure, transparent marketplace where partner organisations gain total control over how their ad inventory and data are traded, enabling them to extract maximum value.

Axonix, which is backed by Telefónica and affiliates of Blackstones GSO Capital Partners, was launched in April 2014, and has established a highly robust mobile trading platform, serving billions of ads a month.

The White Label Ad Exchange aims to equip organisations to take advantage of their user data to offer advertisers audience extension and retargeting campaigns across any publishers ad inventory, with a secure infrastructure they have control over.

Each owner can determine the flow of their inventory and data to each demand partner, while Axonixs trading rules support multiple alternative sales channels including programmatic direct sales and preferred trading relationships.

“The Axonix White Label Ad Exchange really is a ground-breaking new proposition – empowering publishers, ad networks and mobile operators to retain the maximum value from the inventory and data by operating their own programmatic marketplace,” said Simon Birkenhead, CEO of Axonix. “Our goal is to transfer the trading power back to the supply-side.

“A White Label Exchange equips publishers and networks with total control over how their inventory and data is represented programmatically through their own brand, eliminating the hidden margins retained by sales partners and maximising data security.”