Axway Acquires Appcelerator Development Platform

axway appceleratorAxway isnt a company that many in the mobile space are familiar with, but that could soon change, as the enterprise software and service firm has just acquired Appcelerator, the mobile app development platform that is used by T-Mobile, PayPal and GameStop.

The all-cash acquisition sees Axway expand its suite of digital business enablement solutions that aim to help enterprises streamline their digital transformation and deliver optimal customer experiences on any device.

Appcelerator is best known for its Titanium Software Development Kit, which is used globall for building cross-platform mobile apps. The SDK is purpose-built for digital businesses, and handles over 2bn cloud API calls per month. Apps built using the Titanium SDK run on over 350m devices.

“The acquisition of Appcelerator confirms our strategic ambition to help organisations succeed in their digital journey by connecting people, processes and things across their digital business ecosystem,” said Jean-Marc Lazzari, CEO of Axway. “And I am excited about the talent, innovation and product capabilities Appcelerator brings to Axway.

“To survive and remain relevant, every modern enterprise is on the journey to digital business. They realise that they need to deliver delightful customer experience and business innovation while increasing operational efficiency.”

In a blog post on the acquisition, Appcelerator CEO and co-founder Jeff Haynie said that Appcelerators strengths matched Axways needs, and vice versa, with both companies passionate about building great mobile experiences.

“There are lots of flavours of acquisitions, and not all of them care about preserving the acquired companys culture, technologies or team. Axway does,” said Haynie. “Not only are they keeping our offices and our entire staff, but theyre looking to expand investments in the areas most important to our customers and our developers. In doing a deal like this, we were seeking a win for employees, customers, partners, and our developer community, all.”