BabyTV Launches iOS Subscription App

BabyTV, a FOX International Channel, has launched an iOS video app for toddlers, offering them a high-quality video experience with their favourite BabyTV characters. The company says that BabyTV is the first major media brand to adopt Apple’s in-app renewable subscription model.

Content for the app is drawn from BabyTV’s repository of programs based on the same familiar characters toddlers watch on the BabyTV channel. The platform is launching as a subscription service, initially available in 10 languages, including English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Mandarin, Japanese, and Arabic.

Based on Applicaster’s turnkey solution, the app provides both download and full streaming capabilities and enables toddlers to watch videos on iOS mobile devices with minimal buffering and slow connection interruptions. 

The solution is based on the HQME (High Quality Mobile Experience) initiative, backed by SanDisk and others, and utilizes the ‘dead spots’ in mobile data usage patterns, to leverage network performance, while offering a readily-available solution to match consumer’s mobile lifestyle. The content downloaded can be remotely deleted from the user’s device or can be set to expire when subscription ends. Fox says that operators can implement effective plans for users to download content overnight, or when usage is lower, saving on data and energy consumption, as during these times the mobile device is usually connected via wi-fi.

“We are very excited with this new product,” says Maya Talit, global marketing director at BabyTV. “BabyTV has always been committed above all to provide high-quality content for children. The High Quality Mobile Experience initiative offers an optimal solution which helps us cater to the dynamic lifestyle of our audience, and gives families the advantage of accessing our shows also when they are out of the home.”