Bacardi launches Domino campaign to promote Bacardi Spiced Rum on TV, VOD and social

Drinks brand Bacardi has launched a campaign to promote Bacardi Spiced Rum on TV, VOD (Video on Demand), Instagram, Facebook and YouTube in North America and Western Europe.

The ‘Domino’ campaign celebrates the way in which partygoers do what moves them at a house party in a very and arresting fashion to the tune of a Caribbean music track.

It starts as a woman enters a party with a bottle of Bacardi Spiced, as the vibrant Soca tune is playing. This domino effect of friendship, music and energy that gets everyone moving highlights the joy of being able to reunite again with friends and how a house party is a perfect excuse to enjoy Bacardi Spiced. The campaign was created by BBDO New York.

“Following the successful launch and the huge opportunity for Bacardi in the spiced rum category, we are excited to introduce a new consumer-facing campaign across North America and Western Europe,” said Bacardi Global Brand Director, Fabio Ruffet. “We know that our target audience wants to enjoy the taste of a rum while still feeling like they are drinking a quality spirit, and as the world’s most-awarded rum brand we believe that Bacardi Spiced is well-positioned to establish itself as a category leader.”