Back to Basics: A 2020 Guide to Mobile Marketing

If your company wants to engage customers, mobile is the only game in town. People depend on their mobile devices to manage their lives, interact with brands, conduct commerce, transfer money and even pray.

It’s the main channel — but it can also be a big headache. Engaging with people through advertising demands marketers to master a laundry list of skills and capabilities to segment, target and retarget audiences. To make matters worse, you will never do this in a vacuum. Marketing requires you to understand (and collaborate with) a wildly complex ecosystem. From agencies to app publishers, analytics to attribution, SSPs, DSPs and ad networks, it’s up to you to know who does what, and why.

To help you make smart (and some tough) decisions about your marketing strategy, Adjust covers the basics you need to make your mark.

In this guide, you’ll find:

  • What those acronyms really mean
  • How to construct your marketing stack
  • The magic behind tracking and measurement

Download the guide today to learn more about mobile marketing, and what it really consists of.