Back to Basics

Sometimes its easy to get so caught up in the excitement of a new campaign that you forget some of the groundrules. Here, Phil Robinson, Front-end Developer at mobile messaging firm Piri, runs through some essential mobile marketing Dos and Donts

PiriPhil Mobile marketing is a fairly new and high impact approach to communicating with an existing or potential audience. With that in mind we thought it might be helpful to summarise some of the essential things you should, and should not, do in your mobile marketing campaigns

DO: Think about your target audience demographic
There is nothing more annoying than receiving a text message, email or letter that is completely irrelevant, and in some cases inappropriate. Know your audience and gather information from people who are likely to appreciate your marketing messages.

DON'T: Obtain a database of random mobile numbers
Such sources won't check that these users are relevant or that the mobile phones are still active. Further, these users may well have been heavily spammed by other database subscribers.

DO: Use your messages to link to other channels
These might include WAP or websites, vouchers to push people to POS (Point Of Sale), WAP payment sites and telephone booking lines.

DON'T: Broadcast to numbers which you don't have an opt-in from
If you don't have a Mobile Originating message or proof of terms and conditions from other data collection sources, steer clear of sending promotional messages to these numbers.

DO: Think about how to measure the response
Using unique codes and adding a call to action at the end of broadcasts for example.

DON'T: Don't lose sight of the value of mobile numbers.
Even running a free-to-enter campaign can be immensely valuable in terms of number collection. Each number collected can be profiled and used in telemarketing exercises to cross-sell.

DO: Send relevant offers
You will get the best conversion from well targeted lists.

DON'T: Send irrelevant offers
This is the quickest way to lose numbers from your existing customer database.

DO: Make it clear how to opt out of future broadcasts
All broadcasts should make it clear to customers how to opt out from future marketing messages. This involves detailing the Shortcode to which to send the STOP command.

DONT: Just trust industry gurus do your own research
Build your own unique strategies and messages. The more personable and innovative your campaigns, the more your customers will show interest.

DO: Make your terms and conditions, including pricing for all campaigns, clear
Make sure at some point during your campaign that the consumer agrees to the term,  and that you publish prices clearly. Hidden charges and small print will cause customers to opt out.

DON'T: Market to minors without parents' permission
This could cause lots of potential issue. Make sure you know your audience and avoid offending your existing customers.

DO: Stay alert and be ready to react
Regularly review your customers, competitors and marketing news and alter your strategy to increase the value of your campaigns.

DON'T: Become complacent at the first sign of success
If something works, don't rely on it; try new things as well and make sure you don't get labelled as a spammer.

If you are new to mobile marketing we highly recommend reading the official PhonepayPlus Code of Practice before going any further. Good luck and happy hunting.