Back To Reality

Yes, we’re as gutted as you are, but after an extra-long weekend of sun, sand (though it took 3 hours to get to it instead of the usual 90 minutes), and sandpaper (if it’s a Bank Holiday, there has to be some DIY), we feel it appropriate to put up a post accompanied by a ‘Men at Work’ sign, to remind the breadwinners among us (men and women), of our role in life.

Personally, I’ve had a fantastic weekend. One third of it was spent playing table tennis, another third riding my bike, and the final third messing around with the kids. And the fourth third, of course, sleeping. I hope yours has been equally enjoyable.

It did occur to us that if we put our usual newsletter out on Wednesday, there would not be an awful lot of material to choose from, so for one week only, this week’s newsletter is going out on Thursday. If you don’t currently receive the newsletter, which picks out the highlights of the last seven days’ stories, you can sign up for it here. If you do, we hope you wont mind waiting a day longer then usual for it.

David Murphy