Bad Mobile Experience can Make or Break Customer Loyalty

annoyed frustrated customer85 per cent of consumers are unlikely to do business with the same organisation again following a bad mobile experience, new figures show, highlighting the importance of a reliable, consistent approach to consumer engagement and service on mobile.

According to LogMeIns Effective Mobile Engagement Report 2016, which interviewed 8,000 consumers, the mobile experience has declined across almost every industry since last year, with insurance providers (dropping from 60 per cent satisfied to 47 per cent satisfied), retailers (64 per cent to 55 per cent) and computer hardware and software companies (61 per cent to 53 per cent) spotlighted as in trouble.

When asked what the most important factor in ensuring a good mobile experience was, 44 per cent of respondents ranked the ease of finding support options and contact information, with faster loading pages and readable text and images coming in at second and third.

91 per cent of respondents agree that there should always be a way to contact a real customer service representative over mobile, while 72 per cent report abandoning a mobile experience at some point in the last year because mobile engagement was too difficult.

“There are more ways than ever for companies to engage with customers and mobile is a vital part of a companys eCommerce success,” said David Campbell, vice president of product marketing for customer engagement and support at LogMeIn. “Customers expect a seamless experience and access to information across all of the channels and devices they use.

“While not meeting these demands can come with an enormous price tag, a good mobile experience can create a competitive differentiator, drive revenue and turn prospects into loyal customers.”

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