Baidu and Xiaomi to collaborate on AI and the internet of things

Tyrone Stewart

Baidu XiaomiChina’s answer to Google, Baidu, and Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi have announced a partnership that will see the pair combine on AI and the internet of things (IoT).

The partnership, which was revealed at Xiaomi’s first developer conference in Beijing, will see the companies explore opportunities to collaborate on areas such as voice recognition, deep learning, conversational AI, and computer vision. By working together on these aspects, they hope to provide users with better experience when using consumer electronics and smart devices.

“The two companies have joined forces in forming a strong partnership to make users' experience more compelling, moving on to the next stage in AI development,” said Qi Lu, vice chairman, group president and COO of Baidu. “Xiaomi has accumulated solid experience in smart hardware, big data and established a smart device ecosystem. It is the world's leading company in the IoT industry. Baidu has strong technological fundamentals in AI, and with Baidu's conversational AI system DuerOS, we are using our world-leading AI technologies and information ecosystems to support the development of the IoT industry.”

Baidu’s DuerOS AI system, according to the company, has been in embedded the smartphones, TVs, speakers, smartwatches, and home appliances of more than 130 partners. Xiaomi is already one of those partners.

Xiaomi has over 280m active users across the world, while its IoT platform boasts in excess of 85m connected devices.

“Xiaomi has achieved significant breakthroughs in core artificial intelligence technologies and products, and Baidu has deep experience in artificial intelligence technologies, including solid capabilities in voice, images, natural language processing and deep learning,” said Lei Ju, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi. “We are delighted to reach a strategic partnership in artificial intelligence with Baidu. This powerful collaboration between the two companies will enable more people to experience the excitement of using AI technologies.”