Baileys launches ‘Delicious Descriptions campaign for blind and partially-sighted social media users

Adult treat brand, Baileys, has launched ‘Delicious Descriptions’, a social campaign focused on enhancing image descriptions and screen reader content for blind and partially-sighted social media users by layering in more delicious, more indulgent descriptors of treat content.

The campaign, times to coincide with Global Accessibility Awareness Day yesterday, was created in consultation with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and Meta. ‘Delicious Descriptions’ is one simple way to make social content more accessible to wider audiences. Sitting underneath the image content on Meta channels, the enhanced image descriptors are included in closed brackets and connect with existing screen reader technology to elevate the user experience of Baileys’ indulgent social feed.

Every day, over 95m photos and videos are posted on Instagram, many of which contain indulgent treats with over 145m posts with #delicious. According to the World Health Organisation, there are more than 2m people living with sight loss in the UK and more than 2.2bn people with sight loss worldwide.

“Baileys believes every adult has a seat at the treat table, no matter your age, sexuality, ethnicity, ability or gender and through Delicious Descriptions, we will deliver image descriptions that are as delicious as the image themselves,” said Paul Carton, Global Marketing Director at Baileys. “Working collaboratively with RNIB and Meta, we are delighted to make our treat content that bit more accessible and engaging. We are also encouraging other organisations to make their social content more accessible to wider audiences with the Baileys Delicious Descriptions Guide. Together we can make Delicious Descriptions that can be enjoyed by everyone.”

Ali Long, Director of Consumer and Business Services at the Royal National Institute of Blind People said: “RNIB is working with Baileys to improve the accessibility of their brand content to ensure it is accessible to a wider audience that includes people with sight loss. Too often, screen reader content is flat and less engaging than content created for general audiences. Baileys’ Delicious Descriptions is a great initiative, and we look forward to continuing on the journey with the Baileys team.”

To mark the introduction of Delicious Descriptions, Baileys is working with content creators Lucy Edwards in the UK and Molly Burke and Lachi in the US to highlight how blind and partially-sighted social media users experience screen reader content and how Delicious Descriptions will enhance their treating inspiration.

To support more treat brands in making their social media content more accessible to wider audiences, Baileys has created a Delicious Descriptions guide, a simple step-by-step roadmap for creating more delicious, more accessible content.