Bango and mBlox Leverage the Power of the Mobile Internet

Bango, the mobile content enabler, and mblox, the worlds largest mobile transaction network, have announced a global collaboration to deliver a fully integrated content billing solution that leverages the power of the mobile internet.

By integrating the mBlox premium billing solution with Bangos browse and buy technology, users benefit from a portal style payment experience for mobile content even though the underlying billing mechanism is Premium SMS. At the same time, mBlox has appointed Bango as a Solution Partner.
The mobile internet delivers a number of benefits that complement Premium SMS models. When content is discovered by mobile search or click-throughs from banner ads on mobile sites, users can navigate the mobile site, preview and pay for the content without having to send a separate SMS message.  Premium SMS payment is done automatically using the mBlox transaction network and the user downloads the content using their phone browser to complete the transaction.
“Bango reviewed all the major mobile transaction networks in the US and overseas; we chose to partner with mBlox for the reliability and performance of its Premium SMS billing and messaging platform, and because we believe they are the leaders in their sector with the expertise and focus to succeed on a global scale,” said Ray Anderson, CEO at Bango.
“Bangos unique approach to the mobile internet browse and buy experience has been proven in overseas markets, and we can see enormous scope here.” said Jeff Clark, CEO of mBlox. “There will be many opportunities for collaboration between Bango and our clients and partners in the US and around the world.”
Clark continued, “Our strategy of focusing on mobile transaction networking, and working with complementary solution experts like Bango, enables us to power the best mobile solutions in the market.”
Brands and content providers can now sign up for the Bango Service at and within hours start making money selling content to mobile phone users on major networks in the US, the UK and many other countries.
Bangos browse and buy technology allows consumers to browse at their leisure and then buy on their phone bill, by credit/debit card or by PayPal, using Bangos billing platform. This provides easy customer purchase of paid-for content by users anywhere in the world. Bango technology enables content discovery and identification so content providers can customise the user experience and payment.
mBloxs mobile transaction network provides the delivery and billing capabilities to power this user experience and it processed more than 1 billion transactions worth $400m in 2005, making it the largest mobile transaction network in the world.