Bango and SiteSpect Team Up

Bango has teamed up with mobile website optimization company SiteSpect to enable brands, agencies and mobile website owners to improve conversion rates, revenues and help target mobile marketing spend.
SiteSpects mobile web optimization service enables mobile website owners to test and track user behaviour across their mobile site allowing them to make improvements and refine text, links, layouts, images and content to produce the best conversion rates.
Bango says its Bango Analytics solution enhances these conversion rates by measuring the success of mobile marketing activities including advertising, search and text campaigns, enabling brands to target marketing spend accordingly. Each campaign can be monitored so that future marketing spend can be allocated to the most successful target areas based on campaign type, country, network and handset.
The ability to quickly determine which content has the greatest influence on a visitors behaviour and establish the best ways to effectively influence and persuade visitors to take the desired actions is key in maximizing the user experience and ROI, says SiteSpect Chief Marketing Officer, Kim Ann King. Optimization is continual and greatly complemented by the ability to measure the most successful routes in via mobile marketing activities with tools such as Bango Analytics.
SiteSpect says its solution works across all devices and does not rely on JavaScript or cookies to be able to track user behaviour. Its available as a hosted ASP or Enterprise solution and can be up and running without having to make a single change to a mobile website.
Bango Analytics tracks unique visitors by assigning them with an individual ID and presenting information including the users network, country and handset, along with the ability to identify repeat visitors. 
Bango Analytics operates as a hosted service, enabling mobile website owners to connect their sites to the Analytics service in minutes and start getting results free of charge for up to 10,000 page visits per month. Customers just need to register their service online, set up their tracking links for their mobile marketing campaign and view the results in real-time within their account.