Bango Confirms Support for BlackBerry Advertising Service

Following RIM’s announcement of the BlackBerry Advertising Service, mobile analytics and payment firm Bango has confirmed that its Bango Analytics solution fully supports it. Customers using the BlackBerry Advertising Service can capture independent measurement across all campaigns for BlackBerry applications through Bango’s mobile analytics technology.

Bango Analytics enables mobile marketers using the BlackBerry Advertising Service to track activity across every user connection, including the mobile web, internet and wi-fi. The technology tracks all events across mobile applications that use the ad service, as well all web pages and other marketing channels.

Bango, delivers mobile analytics data in real-time, giving advertisers the tools to adjust their campaigns while they are running. Bango Analytics records information across all ad networks, reporting ad impressions, post click behaviour, calls-to-action and revenues.

“The open approach adopted on the BlackBerry Advertising Service is a key differentiator,” says Bango CEO, Ray Anderson. “Rather than dictating a fixed set of closed mobile marketing tools, RIM is showing its marketing reach and power by enabling leading ad networks and analytics solutions, like Bango Analytics, to deliver accurate and independent results for their developers, building trust in the platform.”

According to recent research by Bango, BlackBerry smartphones represent the best market opportunity for advertisers with consumer numbers representing around one third of all US mobile website traffic.

Bango Analytics’ tracking technology records users’ ad interactions across all mobile advertising networks, providing developers and mobile marketers with a comprehensive view of their ad campaign’s performance. It also supports other mobile ad platforms to provide a unified and independent view across all mobile marketing spend. There’s more information about Bango Analytics here.