Bango Expands Payment Platform to Digital Merchants

bangoPayment service Bango has expanded its app store platform for Direct Operator Billing (DOB) to other selected digital merchants, enabling mobile websites and HTML5 web apps to take advantage of its services.

Bango has built direct integrations into more that 130 mobile network operator billing systems, enabling it to connect those operators to a variety of app stores including the Google Play Store, Windows Phone Store, Facebook and the Firefox Marketplace. These connections result in frictionless payment experiences for consumers, using one-click buying to place charges on their mobile phone bill without the need to register personal details.

By expanding beyond app stores to other digital merchants, Bango hopes to drive conversion rates and revenues for a wider audience of retailers and service providers. Bango Payment will initially only be available to selected digital merchants in high value UK markets, but there are plans to expand it further.

“Bango is uniquely positioned to bring app store quality payments to digital merchants,” said Ray Anderson, Bango CEO. “Bango has completely rejected Premium SMS payment, in favour of quality, direct operator integrations and uniquely authenticates users for one-click payment, even on wi-fi.

“By bringing these capabilities to the reach of digital merchants, Bango is promoting the best possible user experience, raising the bar for operator billed payments worldwide.”