Bango Handed Fox Mobile Billing Task

Mobile web payments and analytics company Bango has entered into a multi-territory agreement to provide Fox Mobile Group with its mobile web billing platform services worldwide. Bango says the move is a result of the rapid growth of Internet usage from mobile devices, which is driving publishers and content owners to focus on content delivery through mobilewebsites.  
Fox Mobile Group is pleased to work with Bango to bring their mobile web billing services to our Jamba and Jamster customers, says Soren Schafft, General Manager of Americas for Fox Mobile Group. We are committed to strengthening the user experience across our services and we are excited to be able to offer our customers a more efficient billing option.
Bango notes that mobile iIternet devices and connectivity are becoming more sophisticated, which presents new opportunities for the delivery of online media content. Bango payment is optimised across the range of mass market and Smartphones to provide a standardised payment experience for every user.
The company adds that Bango billing is designed to deliver the highest available conversion rates through its technology and network operator relationships, ensuring that users can pay on mobile devices, connecting through their operator network, or through wi-fi and other routes such as BlackBerry RIM data networks. If operator billing cannot be used, Bango enables payments through credit card and other methods, such as PayPal.