Bango Launches Mobile Advertising Whitepaper

David Murphy

Bango has launched a practical, How to Whitepaper on mobile advertising for agencies and digital marketers who want to move into mobile but need some help. The Mobile Advertising for Newbies Whitepaper provides hints and tips on running mobile advertising campaigns and analyzes the approach and results of three real campaigns. The Whitepaper, authored by Publisher Peggy Anne Salz, is available as a free download here. 
We want to dispel the myth that mobile advertising is hard and complex, says Bango VP, Product Marketing, Andy Bovingdon. While it does require some knowledge and expertise, this Whitepaper is designed to guide readers through their first steps into mobile advertising. Author Peggy Anne Salz expertly shows us what's involved in setting up campaigns and how easy and important it is to analyze results with a mobile analytics tool.
To give marketers the inside track on how a mobile ad campaign works, Bango created a small-scale mobile site called Mobislim ( which takes a light-hearted look at slimming and diets. Marketers can also visit the accompanying Mobislim blog to see the three campaigns cited in the Whitepaper. As the Whitepaper is just the beginning of an ongoing investigation into mobile advertising, says Bango, details of further ad campaigns will be detailed on the Mobislim blog, and it's here that people can feedback their own experiences.
It has been said recently that the size of the mobile advertising market will likely underwhelm us in the near-term and overwhelm us in the mid to long-term, says Salz. The market is clearly poised for significant growth, but only if the long tail of advertisers publishers can get on board. They need a roadmap and this is why it's critical to have a How to Whitepaper at this juncture.
Marketers can try out their own mobile advertising campaigns, directing traffic to the Mobislim mobile site if they don't have one of their own. With a free Bango Mobile Analytics account, they will be able to measure how the different campaigns perform, see the number of unique visitors and where the traffic is coming from, and calculate the conversion rates for all their campaigns.