Bango Move Integrates PC and Mobile Web Metrics

Bango has joined forces with e-marketing consultancy Adversitement to enable digital marketers to access rich PC and mobile web metrics through one console, by combining Omnitures SiteCatalyst and Bango Analytics.
Adversitement, which specialises in web analytics and customer intelligence, and is Europes largest authorized service partner of Omniture, is integrating Bangos mobile analytics service alongside Omnitures SiteCatalyst to present a complete and complementary view for its clients, enabling them to maximize their return from both the PC and the mobile web.
Bango notes that digital marketers currently face the problem of setting up and using separate solutions for measuring their PC and mobile web activity. This is time- consuming and complex, with the need for in-house expertise. By bringing the two together, Adversitement offers a turnkey solution which will enable its clients to immediately start measuring both channels and seeing an integrated view of all activities, with an ability to easily compare data.
Providing a combined solution is a real need for our clients, says Adversitement Business Consultant, Matthijs Keij. Were excited to be able to meet this by providing Bangos best of breed mobile analytics solution and the leading analytics platform from Omniture in an easily accessible tool.   
Omnitures SiteCatalyst presents detailed web metrics to help review campaigns and website effectiveness. More recently, this has expanded to include some mobile metrics, which are complemented and extended by Bangos mobile analytics solution.
Bangos technology enables individual identification of mobile visitors to provide an accurate visitor count, which can also be used by digital marketers to personalize their offering. Details such as network, country and device type are recorded to build a picture of visitors to a mobile website, with mobile campaign analysis and conversion rate data helping to build a detailed picture of website performance and mobile marketing ROI.
We see many companies with PC websites who are embracing mobile as a key element of their marketing strategy, says Anil Malhotra, SVP, Marketing & Alliances at Bango. These metrics sit perfectly together to standardize the use of web analytics and the analysis of campaign performance across channels. This helps to monitor integrated campaigns and provide a direct comparison of ROI and conversion rates between PC and mobile web.