Banner Ad Numbers Rise, and Fall

BuzzCity, which provides wireless communities and consumer services, has announced the results of its quarterly Global Mobile Advertising Index for Q2, 2009, which show an annual rise, but a quarelty fall, in the number of mobile banner ads served.
The figures show that the global recession is having some effect on mobile advertisers, but that mobile advertising continues its strong overall growth. The Index represents inventory sold across the BuzzCity Mobile Advertising Network in more than 200 countries globally and documents the usage of the mobile Internet in these markets.
In the second quarter of 2009, the BuzzCity Mobile Advertising Network delivered 7.5 billion paid advertising banners, a year-on-year increase of almost 80% across the network. Although strong, however, the numbers represent a decline of 10% compared to the previous quarter, due to 600 million fewer impressions on the network in Indonesia, BuzzCitys largest market. This drop resulted from Indonesian operators tightening controls on subscription services on mobile phones. Despite the decline, advertiser interest in Indonesian audiences remained and kept this market in top position. Key developing markets such as India, S. Africa, Saudi Arabia and Kenya continue to grow.
India continued its growth trend, exceeding 1 billion banners delivered in the last quarter, and securing its position at number two in the rankings. The UK rose four places on the last quarter to 5th, reflecting increased advertiser interest in off-portal advertising. Saudi Arabia also saw 63% growth on the last quarter, jumping 10 spots to number nine. 
BuzzCity also reports growth in Europe, with three countries appearing in the Top 20 for the first time. These include the United Kingdom, which grew by 17% compared to Q1, 2009), France (up 26%) and Italy (up 23%).
The table below hows the top 10 countries by the number of paid advertising banners delivered in each, with the growth compared to Q1, 2009 results, shown in brackets:

  1. Indonesia: 3.78 billion (-14%)
  2. India: 1.07 billion (+28%)
  3. United States: 487 million (-8%)
  4. South Africa: 461 million (+8%)
  5. United Kingdom: 133 million (+17%)
  6. Philippines: 124 million (-1%)
  7. Egypt: 108 million (-34%)
  8. China: 95 million (-27%)
  9. Saudi Arabia: 92 million (+63%)
  10. Kenya: 92 million (+15%)

Advertiser demand in developed markets continues to increase and has contributed to year on year growth of 80%, says BuzzCity CEO, KF Lai. This is significant for the industry and shows that advertisers in these markets are still recognizing the value of mobile Internet advertising.
BuzzCity tracks the growth of the network and, by extension, the growth of off-portal mobile Internet use, on more than 2,000 publisher sites globally.