Barca Starta Finalists Revealed

Kirsty Styles

After a gruelling day of judging, the Mobile Marketing team has finally come to a decision and can reveal the 10 finalists for the Barca Starta 2014.

We received entries from as far afield as Jamaica, South Korea and Hungary, spanning apps, ads and everything in between, but had to narrow it down to just 10 companies.

The 10 startups now have just over two weeks to prepare their three-minute presentation to be made in front of our panel of industry experts and an audience of VCs in Barcelona on 25 February. Full details of the event can be found here.

Adzuki Mobile

AdzukiFounded: Copenhagen, Denmark
Team members: 7

Adzuki Mobile’s AdScan makes print ads shoppable using image recognition technology. The solution works with the AdScan app, available on both iOS and Android, and is being trialled by a number of companies. The goal is to help its clients pinch customers from those whose ads are scanned by the user.


AlleantiaFounded: Pisa, Italy
Team members: 3

Alleantia builds smart monitoring systems for home and industrial use, specialising in green energy production. At the end of last year, Allentia won the Tech City prize at the UK-Italy Springboard challenge, giving the team residence at a co-working space in London.

Capito Systems

CapitoFounded: London, UK
Team members: 5

Capito Systems is a B2B company that voice-enables mobile apps. The company has specifically designed its software for eCommerce, reducing the length of the customer journey for verticals like travel, ticketing and takeaways down to just one spoken command.


GrabyoFounded: London, UK
Team members: 12

Grabyo is a cloud-based platform that enables broadcasters to snip excerpts from their videos and quickly share across social networks, giving these companies another opportunity to monetise their content. Grabyo launched in 2013 with BSkyB and Setanta.


INDELIBLEFounded: Florence, Italy
Team members: 2

INDELEBILE is an eBook publisher that aims to bring learning into the 21st century by creating infographic-based digital textbooks for primary school children. The all-female team have self-funded the prototype and are currently closing their angel round.


KolobeeFounded: Madrid, Spain
Team members: 2

Kolobee is a platform for writers to create and sell their own travel guide apps. The company highlights that many guides are often poor quality and difficult to discover in the cluttered app store. They are partnering with hotels and local businesses in order to promote apps made with Kolobee.


SighterFounded: Budapest, Hungary
Team members: 4

Sighter is a treasure hunt app that combines geolocation and photography to help people discover interesting sights. Whether the course is created by a friend, or a company, users are challenged to hunt down all of the places tagged in the app. Challenges are then saved on the Sighter platform for future use.


TagPointsFounded: Brighton, UK
Team members: 7

TagPoints is taking a run at the mobile loyalty market with its cloud-based marketing platform TagCampaign, ready for use by companies of any size. The solution, offering everything from NFC to AR, can be whitelabelled by retailers or incorporated into an app using the company’s SDK.


TalkieFounded: Sofia, Bulgaria
Team members: 3

Talkie is a foreign language learning game for children aged 3+. The app shows its users images, with voice narration, and prompts them to repeat the pronunciation and detects whether they are correct or not. If they are, they can move on. The app is currently available for Bulgarians to learn English.

Warranty Vault

Warranty VaultFounded: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Team members: 4

Warranty Vault is an app platform that bridges the gap between shoppers and manufacturers, with a view to speeding up problem solving for newly-bought products. The platform stores warranties for customers and escalates issues with products directly to manufacturers in real time. This can cut out the need to send goods back and increase brand loyalty if issues are resolved quickly.