Barclaycard bPay Adds New Versatile Wearable

BPAY_1bPay, Barclaycards wearable range, has added a fourth product to its line, a small case that can transform existing watches or fitness trackers into contactless payment devices.

The bPay Loop is equipped with a contactless chip and is designed to slide easily over watch straps and fitness bands, with an opening buckle and comfort-centred design.

The chip is linked to bPays secure digital wallet solution, transforming these devices into connected products capable of making contactless payments. Both the mobile wallet and the device can be managed through the bPay app or online via a web portal.

The Loop comes in response to customer demand for a way to add payment functionality to wearables that they already own, and is the first product widely available in the UK to offer such a functionality.

As with other contactless payment methods, the Loop can be used for transactions up to £30 at any of the 400,000-plus contactless terminals across the UK.

“bPay is the UKs leading range of wearable payment products and was designed to meet customer demand for a new way of paying,” said Tami Hargreaves, commercial director of digital consumer payments at Barclaycard. “Thanks to the huge growth we are seeing in contactless payments, we are increasingly becoming accustomed to being able to make low-value payments throughout the day, in a quick, easy, convenient way. Loop makes that easier than ever.”

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