Barclaycard tech allows you to walk out of a restaurant without waiting for the bill

Barclaycard Dine & DashBarclays’ credit card and payments provider Barclaycard has created a solution that enables diners walk out of a restaurant as soon as they’re finished eating and not have to wait for a member of staff to take their payment.

The service, dubbed ‘Dine & Dash’, sees restaurant-goers download the Dine & Dash app and tap their phone on a ‘Dine & Dash’ totem at their table once they arrive at their eatery of choice. Diners then order, enjoy their meal, and simply walk out once they’re done. Once the app has recognised that the diners have left the restaurant, it will check the diner out and take payment for the bill from the payment option of their choice.

Dine & Dash works a little like Amazon’s checkout-free Go store, where customers tap in with their smartphones, pop their shopping in their bags, and simply walk out before being charged via the Amazon Go app.

“Building on our experience in ‘invisible payments’, we wanted to create an innovative solution that removes any barriers to enjoying the meal, whilst also helping restaurants deliver great service and keep those diners coming back,” said Nick Kerigan, managing director of future payments at Barclaycard. “By taking the pain out of payments, Dine & Dash is a ‘win win’ for both consumers and restaurants.”

The solution will be trialled by Barclaycard at the Prezzo restaurant on St Martins Lane Avenue in Central London on 13 March. Customers can sign-up to give Dine & Dash a go here.