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Baseball Clubs Adopt Mobile Ticketing

David Murphy

Following the successful roll-out of mobile ticketing capabilities for three Major League Baseball clubs in the US, mobile ticketing is to be adopted by additional teams in the coming months.
Mobile ticketing technology company Mobiqa,, Inc. and Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLBAM) are providing the technology, called Tickets@Phone to baseball fans. Tickets@Phone is a barcoded ticket, sent as a message to a ticket buyers mobile phone. The barcode is scanned at the event to grant access. Tickets@Phone adds to Tickets.coms existing ticket delivery methods including Tickets@Home and automated kiosks.
Tickets@Phone will provide multiple redemption opportunities; granting access into a venue while also potentially delivering a coupon to a mobile that can be redeemed for concessions. Mobiqa says that since Tickets@Phone has been made available to the Washington Nationals, the Oakland As and the Pittsburgh Pirates, the response has been phenomenal. Baseball fans have been eager to try out this convenient new ticket delivery option and have commented on the advantage of no longer having to line up at the ballpark to collect their paper tickets, the company says.
It is important to constantly improve and evolve our customer offerings so that they receive the best care and most advanced services says MLBAM CEO and President Bob Bowman. Tickets@Phone offers many benefits over paper or e-tickets and is undoubtedly the next step in customer service and ticket delivery. 
Mobiqa CEO Iain McCready adds:
It is great that Baseball fans can now take advantage of a more convenient means of ticketing when attending games. This is an exciting and easy-to-use service which has been used with great success in the UK and Europe and it is fantastic to be able to offer it in the US.
MLBAM is the internet and interactive branch of Major League Baseball (MLB) and operates the official web sites for the league and 30 of the leagues clubs which draws 4 million hits per day. MLB has an enormous following, with over 110 million tickets issued to fans attending major and minor league baseball games each year. is a subsidiary of MLBAM and a leading provider of integrated ticketing solutions and services provider for thousands of worldwide entertainment and sports venues.