BBC+ App Puts Customisation at the Forefront

BBC+ lifestyle shot 1The BBC has launched a new app, BBC+, that aims to provide users with customisable access to a range of the broadcasters content, enabling them to pick and choose the topics important to them from across the BBCs digital collections.

The free app is available on iOS and Android, and is designed to place the user in control of the information they receive. Unlike most of the BBCs other services, users will sign in, enabling the app to track user behaviour more effectively and provide a more personal service, with relevant information and recommendations.

Content available through the app ranges from news, sport and weather to food, culture and financial advice, and users can also access digital-only services like BBC Three through the app.

“By making BBC+ customisable, we are able to give users more relevant things to read, watch and listen to from across the BBC,” said Clare Hudson, executive editor of Homepage and BBC+. “This means you can use your spare moments well because once youve caught up on the days main events you can browse articles from across the BBC on topics youve chosen yourself.”

BBC+ uses the existing myBBC account to sign people in, providing the app with a built-in audience of 7.2m people who have already registered. Signed-in users consumed 44 per cent more BBC content than those who werent.

“As 7m people have signed up to myBBC, we are increasingly able to provide them with more of what they love based on what theyve told us,” said Paul Owen, head of product for Homepage and BBC+. “BBC+ is a key part of the journey towards achieving a much more personal BBC and truly brings topical information from across the whole organisation to your pocket, read for you to access at your convenience. This is just the start for us, and over time the app will evolve and add new features based on user feedback.”

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