BBC launches VR content production studio

BBC VR StudioThe BBC has launched a VR studio in order to push-on with adding to the VR content it has already created over the last few years.

The VR hub is aimed at both helping the BBC to push-on with its production of VR content and explore the impact it can make on audiences. The studio will work with programme makers and digital experts to create content across the genres that the BBC broadcasts.

Through the studio, the BBC says it will look to develop a small number of high impact pieces of VR content that have mainstream appeal, as opposed to a higher volume of low-quality content.

“We want to excite audiences by creating the most enthralling experiences imaginable using the power of VR,” said Zillah Watson, head of content commissioning at the BBC VR Hub, in a blog post. “So, with every commission, we will target a specific set of audience needs and occasions, ensuring that each piece is compelling enough to make people want to put on a headset.”