BBC Match of the Day magazine launches voice trivia quiz app

Sports magazine, BBC Match of the Day, has launched a voice app – ‘The BBC Match of the Day magazine Quiz’. It’s a voice trivia game for football fans available through Amazon Alexa- and Google Assistant-powered voice-enabled smart speakers and phones.

The quiz consists of five questions, with players able to compete at two levels: the easier Sunday League or the more challenging Pro League. With every correct answer, players score points for their favourite club and contribute to that club’s overall position on a leaderboard at Once users have answered their weekly questions, they can keep practising in ‘Training Mode’ before the fresh quiz is released every Tuesday.

The app, built by voice agency Voxly Digital, is designed to be as intuitive and engaging as possible for younger audiences and features exclusive voice recordings and animations from BBC Match of the Day writers, Paz and Ketch.

“We know how much our readers love testing their football knowledge in our print title, so it’s a big buzz to extend our quiz offering beyond the page and into even more homes via our very first voice app,” said BBC Match of the Day magazine digital editor, Matt Ketchell. “Were giving supporters something they’ve always dreamed of – an opportunity to represent their favourite club. Not on the grass, but in the quiz arena where their knowledge will contribute to a real-time leaderboard of over 100 clubs which will reveal who has the most knowledgeable fans.”

According to the ‘Families & Voice Report’ released by Voxly Digital in March 2020, over 70 per cent of families consider their voice-assistants a key source of entertainment in the household, and 65 per cent of young families play voice games every week.