BBC Redesigns Homepage for Mobile, Criticised by Users

Tim Maytom

bbc mobile homepageThe BBC has relaunched the homepage for its mobile website, updating the design to a new image heavy look that is optimised for mobile devices and making the carousel of major stories easier to navigate.

The new homepage will eventually be launched for desktop browsers too, but given the increasing importance of mobile, the BBC decided to roll the update out to mobile first, and seek real audience feedback about the changes. Mobile devices account for over half the traffic that the BBC website receives, and this figure has grown steadily, with no sign of slowing.

The version currently available lacks some of the eventual functionality that the homepage will have, including customisable content, the ability to watch and listen to programme clips on the homepage, a variety of local content including travel alerts and the ability to share and save stories.

Many of the current comments by users have been disapproving of the changes, with criticism focused on the lack of customisation currently available and the emphasis placed on images over text content.

"We want to ensure that when you visit the new Homepage, you are given the most up-to-date information on the stories and events that are happening right now, both in the UK and further afield," said Michael Skelton, senior product manager for BBC Online. "Initially, this means we'll indicate which content is live using badges, but soon we will make this a richer experience with the latest updates, information and statistics."