BBC Reports that SpinVox is Up For Sale

The BBC is reporting that UK voice-to-text firm SpinVox has been put up for sale. The Beeb's report quotes investment firm Invesco Perpetual, a SpinVox investor, as the source of the story, and says that Invesco Perpetual has also written down the value of its investment in the company. According to the BBC report, Invesco Perpetual has invested 759,000 in the firm but now thinks the investment is worth 76,000, 90% less, according to its accounts.
The BBC story also quotes Invesco Pertpetual as saying: The business has been put up for sale, and it is possible that, should a good sales price be achieved, the new valuation may be exceeded.
The Beeb cites the source of this quote as an Invesco Perpetual report. We have approached Invesco Perpetual both direct and via its PR firm to find out what this report is. The company spokepeople are currently on voicemail. The PR firm, Lansons, initially said that Invesco Perpetual are not commenting on the story. It has promised, however, to try to find out what the report is that the BBC story refers to.
Well bring you more news on the story, or non-story, however it transpires, as we get it.

Turns out this story was doing the rounds at the end of last week, we just must have had our antennas tuned out. Still, Lansons have now confirmed the report referred to in the BBC story as the Invesco Perpetual Annual report for the AIM Venture Capital Trust.