BBC takes over Spotify to promote Sir David Attenborough's latest series

Tyrone Stewart

BBC takes over Spotify to promote Sir David Attenborough's latest series
BBC Studios has teamed up with Spotify for a global first takeover experience to promote Sir David Attenborough’s latest series, Seven Worlds, One Planet, with exclusive content.

Both Spotify free and premium users are able to access seven featured videos, each representing one of the world’s seven continents. Videos include an exploration of the rainforests in South America and a visit to the last two northern white rhinos left in existence in Africa.

There’s also the official trailer featuring Attenborough himself and the Seven Worlds, One Planet soundtrack from Hans Zimmer and Bleeding Fingers Music available.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Spotify on a global launch for our latest natural history landmark series, Seven Worlds, One Planet,” said Jasmine Dawson, global director of digital marketing at BBC Studios. “We’re constantly looking for fresh, innovative ways of storytelling, and these videos along with Hans Zimmer’s stunning soundtrack will help to bring the story of the seven different continents to life for a whole new generation.”

The partnership has gone a step further and seen the BBC Earth podcast added to Spotify. The series, hosted by Emily Knight, features behind-the-scenes accounts from show producers and camera crew, alongside stories from people around the world.

On top of the exclusive content and podcast series, seven 3D audio ads have been created to showcase soundscapes from Attenborough’s documentary series.

“From music to podcasts, Spotify listeners come to our platform to discover new favourites, which is why we are constantly looking for new and unique experiences for them to enjoy,” said Rakesh Patel, head of sales at Spotify UK. “As a platform that provides world-class programmes and content which informs and entertains millions of people in the UK and around the world, BBC Studios is the perfect partner for this global first takeover experience on Spotify.”