Bebo Launches Bebo Open Mobile

Bebo has announced the launch of Bebo Open Mobile, a new global partnership program which will offer the mobile industry a suite of tools to provide their customers with access to the Bebo social networking experience. Through the Bebo Open Mobile programme, Bebo will work with operators, handset manufacturers and mobile software developers to help them promote, distribute and monetize mobile social media.
Bebo Open Mobile partners will benefit from access to Bebos over 50 million-strong user base and will collaborate with the social network on tailored content and social networking experiences.
Bebo Open Mobile packages the companys mobile services into a single integrated program for mobile industry partners. It offers members the tools to deliver the Bebo mobile social networking experience over mobile networks, on devices and through rich media.
There are three elements to at launch. 
Bebo Open Mobile Internet offers partners the ability to rapidly deploy features on the Bebo mobile site, including customized navigation, mobile advertising support and enhanced statistics. Bebo Open Mobile Messaging is a toolkit that provides scalable and feature rich two-way messaging directly to Bebo Open Mobile partners through the messaging interfaces most used by Bebo members. Finally, the Bebo Open Mobile Development API toolkit empowers Bebo Open Mobile partners to create innovative applications, widgets and other interfaces to directly serve the Bebo community.  
Bebo Open Mobile is a new way to expand the power of social networking to program members, says Sean Kane, Global Head of Mobile at Bebo. The Bebo Open Mobile suite of tools is designed to move mobile communication and user relationships forward by delivering a simple and more ubiquitous experience to users. A rapid and global shift towards mobile social networking consumption is in progress and Bebo is committed to leading the way.
Bebo says it expects to make further announcements regarding Bebo Open Mobile partners and initiatives throughout 2009.