Behavioural Ads Banned in iOS Kids Apps Category

Apple has updated its App Store Review Guidelines, adding rules for the forthcoming Kids category which will be rolled out with the launch of iOS 7 this autumn.

Under the new rules, any apps targeted primarily at users under 13 years of age must include a privacy policy.  These apps must also “get parental permission or use a parental gate before allowing the user to link out of the app or engage in commerce” – presumably intended to combat the controversy prompted by news of children inadvertantly spending large amounts of money on in-app purchases.

The rules also address how advertising will work in any apps intended for a younger audience. All ads must be age-appropriate, while behavioural advertising, based on the users activity in-app, is banned.

The update also reveals that the Kids category will be broken down into three age categories: 5 years and under, 6-8 years, and 9-11 years.