bemoko Partners with Zero Barriers

Mobile web software firm bemoko has announced a strategic partnership with cloud and online sales consultancy Zero Barriers

Zero Barriers is a provider of solutions that offer a multi-channel delivery platform for interactive mobile websites. 

bemoko Offers bemokoLive, a platform for creating mobile websites, web apps, and campaigns optimised for mobile devices. 

Mat Diss, co-founder and MD of bemoko, says: “We are very excited to be partnering with Zero Barriers. Their understanding of innovative cloud and online technologies like ours, combined with an extensive network of strategic partners and their unique online marketplaces, will enable us to rapidly extend our footprint both here in the UK, and throughout the EMEA region. We look forward to working with them and helping more organisations navigate their way through the fast moving and sometimes complex world of interactive mobile.”

Jamie Melling, chief executive of Zero Barriers says: “With the exponential growth in mobile devices, consumers expect to be able to access information, products and services wherever, and whenever they want. This means that organisations can no longer simply rely on the internet to interact with customers, they need to make their services available via a multitude of channels. However, until recently, the costs and timescales associated with making this possible have been prohibitive. Now, with the bemoko platform, organisations can rapidly create great mobile websites, ensuring a consistent online experience and significantly enhance revenue opportunities.”