Bemoko Praises Google Mobilize Tools

Web software and consulting firm Bemoko says that the web must be a seamless experience for consumers, regardless of the channel the consumer uses. 

Commenting in favour of Googles recent launch of the Google Mobilize Web tool – which aims to make it easier for small businesses to create a presence on the mobile web – Bemokos sales and marketing director Phillip Clement says that smartphones combined with generous data bundles mean that consumers are hungry for mobile websites, but the experience isnt up to scratch yet. (You can read our piece on the launch of the tool here.)

“Clients need to realise that the web experience must be seamless for users, no matter what channel,” he says. “Bemoko has been helping global agencies and brands to build complex mobile websites that connect into external content and internal systems, delivering seamless customer experiences as they move from channel to channel. The introduction of Googles Mobilize service, bringing mobile web to small businesses, is fantastic news – delivering better mobile web experiences for mobile users. Its a perfect opportunity for smaller businesses and clubs to gain a basic mobile presence.”

Bemoko believes that, while the Google product wont help larger brands deliver the kind of complex mobile sites that multnational brands crave, boutique shops, pubs, restaurants and online businesses will be helped enormously by Googles tools. “Its a perfect first step on the ladder,” the company says.